Parents Never Approve

I met my first boyfriend when I was 17 and he was 30. Parents hated him all 7 and a half yrs. we were together. He wasnt bad for me but his age and his nationality were unacceptable for my parents. We broke up and my parents became friendly with him. That didnt bother me until I met another man (almost 2 yrs. later) and started a new relationship with him. He is my age, acceptable nationality and much smarter than the other one but doesnt have money or when he does, he spends it cautiously. Mom and dad hate him. We do fight with him ( i often ***** at him and he sometimes looses it or he is jelous of someone in my past) and he doesnt give expensive presents or pays for everything, i often help. That doesnt bother me but my parents. They think he should be giving me flowers and jewerly all the time cause i deserve it. That guy makes me happy. Shouldnt it be enough for them to accept him? My parents approval is very important to me and them disapproving causes lots of pain to me and him both. are there any other people who are in similar situation as me?

moscowgirl moscowgirl
26-30, F
Jan 1, 2010