I use to pretend to like my sister-in-law because I felt I had to try. One of the reasons I didn't like her is the way she treated my brother. Like a slave. She doesn't cook or clean or even take care of her children. She always wants to be reassured that she looks hot or skinny or that her hair is perfect. She even went through an illness and I thought that it would humble her. But instead, she wished upon everyone around her. I wanted to be compassionate but found it very difficult to do so.

Recently, something happened. Her sister was dating a man that was a leach. After several years, her sister dumped the guy. "The looser" started going after a friend of mine. The friend asked me about him. I told her that he was a leach but to go for it because his girlfriend had dumped him. She just wanted an sexual relationship only. 

Long story short. The looser told my sister-in-law's sister that I knew about the two having sex because he thought I had told her. I know this is so much drama and confusing but it feels good writing about it.  They blamed me for not telling them. But why should I have? After all he was a looser and leaching off of her for years. And it did not happen during their relationship. 

Worse part about it is that her sister was having an illicit  relationship with a married man. How can you be so righteousness about something when you yourself are participating in something  like that.

Anyway, back to my sister-in-law. She has done things to me throughout the years and I have never had the opportunity to retaliate or rebuttal so during her lashing evil text I simply said for her to **** off and that she never meant anything to me. 

The anger is consuming me and I know that isn't good. I wish I could just let go but the fact is that I have two beautiful  nieces and I do love my brother. The dynamics have changed and I believe will remain this way for ever.

I saw her recently and said hello (because I felt I needed to take the high road) and she turned her face on me. I do dislike her so very much. 

I wish it was not like this...but it is. 

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I put my own older brother out of my life cause he fell for my SIL's bull ****! <br />
If I had actually been close to my brother it would have been hard.... After she got him to tell me I'm just weird and that I fake my symptoms to get a diagnoses of mental illness just to use it to manipulate people I washed my hands of him. I used to care and get upset all the time why they were treating me badly and why they manipulated my parents and younger brother to get them to hate me. My younger brother is under her spell as well as older brother but younger brother at least doesnt tell me her bull about me to my face....<br />
<br />
Now I just avoid SIL and my older brother! It still bothers me why they are so mean and weird themselves but I am much happier over all... You would be too if you are able to keep away as much as possible... You can't change bad, mean people.....

Keep as far away as possible. Take the high road. Better yet move far, far away like I did. My husband and I saved out marriage by getting away from his toxic sister in law and parents.