My Sister In Law Is A *****

I had to bury mom when I was 3 months pregnant. I went into labour and after 32 hours had emergency c secttion and my son was born with apgar score of 1- he had a heart beat. I spent 5 days away from him whilst he was in icu. During this I developed sepsis, twisted bowel and a heamatoma. After 8 days in hospital,I was reunited with my baby but was still very I'll. Got told by sister in law after two days that I was not doing enough as husband was doing too much.? When I rested was berated for doing so, when my son fell off sofa was told I was going to be reported to social services. She has made me question how I bring up my son as she has openly told my so to ignore my rules, and had a go at me in front of company. I have had enough, but it is my husbands family.....
Chan2008 Chan2008
36-40, F
Sep 13, 2012