Best Friend At One Time

Hi, the woman that I am going to write about isn't my sister-in-law, yet... but it looks like it is going that way. This woman goes to college with me and during the end of my junior year, she needed a place to live so I told her that she could move in. Well, the first thing that drove me crazy is how she would ruin my friendships with my male friends by getting drunk and trying to sleep with them. Well, then the Fargo Moorhead flood happened and we had to evacuate back home. She met my brother and they started to date... but she kept sleeping with different men at my apartment. We were best friends, but as time progressed I got tired of my brother coming to town and hearing them have sex in my apartment. Then while driving home to Thanksgiving she told me that she was pregnant. I was livid, and asked if she was going to marry my brother then, and she said that she wouldn't marry my brother and that that was really rude for asking that... turns out she was joking about being pregnant. Thanksgiving and Christmas were terrible for my family because of her and fighting broke out at both. I asked her to move out by Feb. 1 and she told me: "you legally can't do that!" she then started to sing in my face. Every time I tried to talk to her about the issues mounting in my family because of her attitude, she would ignore. Finally one night I got sick of her singing in my face and yelling at me and slapped her across the face she then grabbed me, pulled my hair and called the cops. I got my way, she was out by Feb 1st, but she also got my brother to stop talking to me, showed up while I was gone and stole my things, when I arrived I found my things in her old bedroom amongst her things, when I told my brother I was taking them back, I received a text telling me that they took pictures and they were going to sue if any of her things were touched. From there, she went to my school and told them that I was unsafe to have at the school and it has ruined many good relationships with my professors.

    I have told my brother about her cheating, but he won't listen - love is blind. I've e-mailed his woman to ask to counsel and work this out. She won't talk, and its because my brother told her she doesn't have to talk to me. I don't know what to do.

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omg1 i would be SO pissed if she was pregnant!!!<br />
its really sad that you cant get her away from your brother or anything.<br />
but if shes cheating andjunk, get some evidence!!!<br />
man, if that was my brother who wasnt talking to me i would totally get some solid evidence of this and show him or mail it to him.. then what would he do???<br />
good uluck regardless..!