Binge Eating No Willpower

I get so sad and angry I can't stop and maybe I'm a hypocrite but sometimes I can't help and pay attention to what people say. I hate how this is destroying my life I hate how lonely and pathetic I'am I can't stand myself
Sora Sora
18-21, F
1 Response Jun 3, 2007

I after 53 years of life can still not figure out why I "binge". I can be right in front of the refrigerator keep opening and closing the door, I may even be able to walk away for a while, but too often I find myself eating, not even especially good tasting food, it could be plain cold pasta or a cold hot dog or cold cuts, I don't dislike vegetables either, so it could be cold left over veggies. I have bought some of the most hideous cheap snack food. Even while I'm eating it, thinking how horrible and bad for me it is (although it isn't always unhealthy food, it is usually an unhealthy amount). I have had partial sucess, I have lost over 100 lbs three times in my life and 50+ more time than I can count and am presently 80 plus less than my highest weight. So I have no solution for you but I can have empathy and sympathy. If one of us can win this thing totally I hope it is you, women suffer more social stigma, at least men are more bold about judging a woman and you still have a lot of road. One thing, believe this, you are lovable and worthy of it.