I'm Surprised

there are as many people in this group as there are. In all of my circles growing up there was always this general acceptance of nasty behavior and being an ******* often increased your attractiveness (especially if you were a guy). I was always made out to be like I had a huge chip on my shoulder because I would get pissed off and not let people get away with it (although, to my vexation, they often did with other people). As I got older I knew it wasn't me. When I went to college I was able to better pick and choose my friends and I found a group of friends that were much more laidback and open-minded; very unlike my old friends from grammar school and high school. I turn down most invites from those groups now because the atmosphere that they create is too poisonous with thinly-veiled immaturity, jealousy, and anger for me to actually come home feeling good after being with them.

Yay for no longer feeling like you're crazy!
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1 Response Jul 30, 2010

I agree with ya! At my highschool, it really seemed like the people that were popular were the ones that put others down for the sake of embarrassing others. So glad I graduated.