I Wonder Why!

People who cheat on their wife or husband, girlfriend or boyfriend, they make me sick! I don't understand why a person can't simply tell the truth! If you're not in love with the person anymore, just say so and then figure out what the next step is. But, I guess cheaters are selfish people... because they know the next step is most likely an break-up. And many just want to have their cake and eat it too. :-/

Maybe they're depended on the spouse or partner for financial reasons, a house to stay in and bills to be paid. BUT, if that's the case then, stay with THAT person, LOVE the person, and just deal with it! Forget about cheating! You can't just use an innocent person for a place to stay, and let them pay your bills, then cheat on them! That's the way I see it.

Hey, if it was okay to cheat and a good accuse to, how come people try to hide it? If it is okay to do, it wouldn't be a secret. We as adults know something is wrong, if we have to hide it. Hiding it means shame, and if something is good and right, there should be no shame in it. This my rant on it all. =p

I have never cheated on anyone in my life, because I am not selfish! But I have been cheated on before. I rather have been dumped and not cheated on. Because once I find out about "the other girl", I'm ending the relationship! So, I rather be dumped than duped! :-/

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1 Response Mar 7, 2009

you know I like to play the devils advocate in this one because there are so many things involved in a relationship, I believe it's very important to be faithful in a relationship,but if the other person isin't faithful, sometimes there is no other choice to pick yourself up out of the relationship, and that sometimes means being unfaithful yourself, you cleave to the person your having relations with and if that person is cheating then you also reap what he or she sows it's a bad domino affect in that case you being the victim have to protect yourself. Thats all.