I Wish People Would Leave Their Pets At Home

we have a cottage on an island, on a large fresh water lake. So, we get alot of boating friends who drop in unexpectantly. I have noticed a growing trend in the last few years. Alot of our friends now bring their dogs with them - most are big dogs.  They take their dogs out of the boat and let them roam around our property unleashed. We do not have a dog because I don't like them.  I am really getting annoyed with these dog lovers. Dogs are a nuisance to me. They leave their droppings for me to pick up or step in - barefoot. They shake and spray me with water, they dig holes in my beach for me to trip in and turn my ankle, they poke holes in my garden hose, they have their nose in my drinks if i happen to leave it unattended. if the kids leave food lying around - they eat it. I've had dogs get to our steaks while their grilling.

When I ask ppl to leave the dog in the boat or tie it, they tell me the dog is not mean or is well behaved. or they will ask me questions - am I allergic? am I scared of dogs. Whenl I tell them that I just don't like them - they are astonished. As if preferring humans to animals is now a type of racism.

If another stinking, crotch-sniffing animal eats my $30 steaks - I will kick it!

I know alot of annoying dog lovers reading this will be offended but I don't care because most dog lovers that I have encountered don't care about anything but their dogs and expect everybody else to feel the same"
redhead1 redhead1
22-25, F
May 22, 2012