I Didn't Always Feel This Way..................

For a long time I upheld the belief that people were trust worthy until they proved not to be . Maybe around 4yrs or so ago all that changed. I have come to find that you should trust no one. I've been betrayed by every single person I have ever cared about or loved. Even my own children and all of my closest and dearest friends. Betrayed and deceived, and then left to pick up the pieces all alone.

I trust no one now. Paranoia and loneliness have become my near and dear friends.

Every where I go, especially in the back *** ward town I live in, I find the people around each and every turn completely unbearable. I hate the town I live in . I try to travel as much as possible, so that I'm rarely ever there. I mean seriously, I can't even go to my local pharmacy and buy a soda pop and a candy bar without some creeper that either works there, or happens to be there at the time, deciding to make it their life's mission at that very moment , to single me out, and either stalk me while I'm in the store , or harass me at the counter by trying to engage me in conversation with stupid questions or comments, that I find completely annoying and not worth answering. These are just a few accounts of why I can't stand people. They can never just leave things alone. They seem to love to aggravate a situation, even when a situation doesn't exist.
I find this happening especially with the people in this stupid, simple *** , small minded town I live in. God I wish I could say the name! I hate this place and I can't stand the people here. They love to push your buttons, and twist your words and get their kicks as they watch you react. They seem to think they're smarter then you , witter than every one else, but they're just plain obnoxious .! Sooo You end up inheriting all this grief all because you were just trying to mind your business and grab a quick snack before you hunkered down to catch up on all your shows on On Demand. What the hell is wrong with these people???? Am I the only one who gets harassed out the check out stand and tortured by these simpletons and betrayed by their best friends and family?

Hand me a Ice Pick please !!!!! I just want to go and poke my eyes out BECAUSE !!!!!! I can't stand people!!!!!!!!! Especially stupid mean obnoxious people and yellow belly Judas traitors

Gezzzzz it feels like I haven't had a intellectual conversation since the 8th grade picnic..... I am truly doomed I feel
TheElusiveBlueTuna TheElusiveBlueTuna
26-30, F
May 14, 2012