How Do People Like Her Get Taken Seriously?

Look, america seems to be on the right track now, but I have to ask, how do people like sarah palin even get a look in? Come ON People?

She makes women and politicians look stupid.


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2 Responses Feb 28, 2009

Venn.. lets see.. she wants to cut taxes and cut spending.. ooooo.. how dangerous! But at least you've stated an honest assessment of Ms. Palin.. <br />
But since your the FIRST to post a reasonable comment in this whole group (I'm at thread 15 of 51 and have read every comment, viewed every Huff vid).<br />
Abortion? A fetus has a heartbeat at day 16, brain waves at day 21. The presence of both constitute life in my mind.. The absence of both means you are clinically and legally dead. <br />
Gay marriage? Go marry an elephant as far as I'm concerned. Besides, gay marriage is a States rights issue. The sole issue I have with gar marriages is this: Suppose a lesbian couple decides to have a child. The marriage doesn't work and the biological mother relocates into a state that doesn't recognize gay marriage. How the hell you work that out is a major hurdle! Just my 2 cents. Bill in Va.

Unfortunately, too much of America is too busy watching American Idol and Survivor to care about politics. They just support whoever the Republican party puts forward, since they are good Christians that want to ban abortion and gay marriage and fight evolution and other sciences. Little Sarah is also very big on guns and her economic policy is tax cuts and cut spending. Put these things together and you can get a sizable chunk of the Republican party.