Why Manbashing Sexist Women Will Be Blocked Without Regret Or Apology By Me From This Day Forth...

Okay Ive been at this site for a couple of months now and I must say a HECK of a lot of manbashing goes on in this place..

I have copped it sweet up until now but quite frankly Ive had a gutfull of the misogynistic manbashers here and from this day forth I will block them without regret, thought or apology..  I am putting my last 6 yrs below as this is my reasoning.  If youve been blocked by me this is the only explanation you will recieve..  I am sorry for this but it has come down to this or leave EP.  It has come down to one or the other for me...

I am so sick of seeing questions like "why are all men so f***ing stupid" (this one made it to a question of the day I might add with many highly rated extremely sexist replies!)  and women decreeing that ALL men are cheats.  If you post this sexist garbage you will now be blocked.  I have put up with women that commit suicide if i leave the house.   This same woman used to throw beer bottles at me when she had too much to drink and also used to punch me in the back of the shoulder when I couldnt even see it coming.  Bear in mind she was also 2" taller than me and my weight plus half again.....  A real broad shouldered amazon.....  I never pressed charges against her but I nearly ended up in prison for one of her self mutilations!  It was only because SHE said that SHE did it to herself that I did not!  I have also put up with the story below for the last 6 yrs..  I have never, ever made unilateral judgement calls against women.  I have many wonderful women in my circle as well as one that may have to go..  I respect women despite my treatment for the last 6 yrs as detailed below

I would work at night and come home and have to clean up her rubbish strewn everwhere when i got home. Despite the fact that she had all her time free. I payed for the house on my own as I had bought it previously. Most of the time even some help with household bills was too much to ask. Her money would be frittered away on plastic garbage that she didnt even care enough about to put away, so was usually broken within a fortnight. House cleaning was obviously way too much to ask as she couldnt even put her rubbish in the bin. Also for the first 3 yrs i had to drive everywhere and would cop abuse if i didnt cave in to her wishes. In some cases this would mean i had to drive her to the mall 3 times in one day and god help me if i objected. The fact that id been working all night was irrelevant in her eyes.  She had slept while I worked and was well rested so everything was all ok.  I put up with it because I loved her. I just wanted to be loved and appreciated in return. I didnt cheat or look elsewhere. I just waited patiently for 6 long yrs to be appreciated and cared about figuring one day she would have to realise what she had. Finally I just had to realize it was all for nothing and just had to give up....

Despite all of this I have never ever posted garbage universally condemning women.  Yet time after time I see such garbage as ALL men are cheats and the classic question a few days ago "Why are all men so f***ing stupid."  Any men that posted this sort of sexist drivel in reverse on EP would be instantly condemned and probably driven off EP by a angry horde.  However despite all this I never post garbage condemning ALL women,  although I may be guilty of the odd rant against ONE.  I am also the first one in so many cases to defend a woman who is wronged.  I have a circle with many women in it who Im sure would all telll you I have never ever acted sleazily or disrespectfully towards any of them.  In fact in many cases they have been extremely wonderful and helpful to me and I appreciate their help so much and respect them immensely.  If you as a woman cant find a decent man, maybe you should try not UNIVERSALLY condemning men....  Maybe then some men who are not just out for sex or desperate will want to know about you...  Just helpful advice I dont really care anymore do what you want.  However if you want to post completely sexist drivel about men you can now expect to be blocked without apology or remorse by me.  I strongly advise the rest of the many decent men of EP to do the same.  Then these misogynistic ******* (and i am sorry to use that word, but I am so very, very sick of this) will only find the garbage in men that they believe in.   Karma at work.  Who's with me my fellow gentlemen?   Women of EP unless you want to be left with only the bottom of the barrel garbage of malekind I also urge you to take a stand, because any decent man is not going to take this crud and stick around,  Ive been here 2 months and Im already thinking of deleting my account.  At the moment this place is doing me more harm than good....

[EDIT] Any men who find this behaviour offensive and would like the list I have composed so far are welcome to PM me for it.  Any woman on the list is guilty of 1. Labelling us ALL as stupid or 2. Labelling us ALL as cheats. (updates may occur)  Please keep PM simple as I struggle with my PM box at times anyhow.  Chances are you will only be PM'ed back the list and nothing else.  It is my pleasure to share with my fellow men however,  if they would like it.  So they can be aware and protect themselves from these vile women  :O)  If you see a case of this behaviour please pm me a link and i will be grateful for it and add it to the list both for myself and any other man who requests the list from me.  I only want examples where ALL men are slagged off please.  Women have every right to express their hurt as do we..  Thank you :O)
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Add a response...not all men are bad there are many great men out here who have been dogged out by over bearing, aggressive, dominate crazy women! Women were made for men and I love you!

Uhm...misogyny is for the hatred toward women...you say misandry for the hatred of men

"Any men that posted this sort of sexist drivel in reverse on EP would be instantly condemned and probably driven off EP by a angry horde."

I second this and would add that we would be crucified in the process. Yes, this problem has become more prevalent on EP, if you could pm me the list I would appreciate it.

Goood job....
fine fine radar...
we all need lovers...
not haters...

With a mindset with sexist views, ones ignorance causes them to miss out on what they truly want. With an open mind, there are endless possibilities =3<br />
<br />
I think women and men should blocked that portray sexism, maybe ep could teach people how to disregard "stupid men, and women" in their life. =3 <br />
<br />
I am glad to hear that you are doing so much better for yourself, using your own resources for good. Writing this must have helped you a lot. <br />
<br />

Thank you for saying this. I agree, there is a lot of misanthropic talk on this site...and in the world. I have sympathy for the crap that women have to put up with from the dumb guys out there, and there are plenty, but I have to wonder why women always seem to like the jerks and not those of us who try to be good guys, then they say that all men are jerks: No, it's that the only guys on your radar are the ones who are jerks.

your welcome bonvie

I now follow a policy of just staying out of areas I dont agree with. I do agree with what you say. There is a very diverse range of opinions here and to a degree we must all have a "live and let live" philosophy to a certain degree. The world would be a boring place if we all felt and thought the same after all.<br />
<br />
I'm sure I make many mistakes in grammar and spelling but I do the best I can, as we all do. If the concept that the person is trying to express is incomprehensible in the poor articulation they use then I switch off. Apart from that I try very much to overlook such things.<br />
<br />
On the topic of this article I must say that I have noticed a massive improvement in this area since this article was written and I am left with little choice but to congratulate all involved for better behaviour. If anything I am the upset one atm but I am trying to direct my rage and upset as constructively as I can. I hope that people who think I go too far would notify me of it.<br />
<br />
Thank you for your extensive and intelligent reply. Something you manage on a regular basis I might add. =D

@Nylorac99- Agree 100% with everything you said. Proud to call you a friend. Much <3 to you<br />
<br />
@dragonflydreams- Im ony just getting to know you. You seem like a child of light to me and I would imagine you would find those things very hurtful. Im sorry that you have to suffer thru them.<br />
The 2nd half is very sweet and shows your nature well :O))<br />
<br />
@SunsetSong- First paragraph agree 100% :O) Second paragraph OMG lol. Yes ive dealt with some rather shall we say "colourful" individuals in both male and female form. I believe your story and its a bit of a worry. Maybe he thought he was packing something bigger, I dont really know. I also dont wish to get into it too deeply as I dont want to turn this into a mature content thread. My symapthies however,<br />
<br />
@kitgamesandads- I really dont agree with much of what you said. However as your reply is respectful, I will endeavour to be the same :O) Firstly I dont know why you'd choose to use latin in a thread like this. It seems very off-topic and obtuse. I had a very wise woman who I treasure <3 translate it for me to the best of her abilities. It is a very noble quote. The full thing would make a great EP piece but it doesnt really belong here, I dont think. For the benefit of other non-latin speakers I will provide the translation provided to me:<br />
<br />
4 Love is patient,<br />
love is kind and is not jealous;<br />
love does not brag and is not arrogant,<br />
5 does not act unbecomingly;<br />
it does not seek its own,<br />
is not provoked, does not take into account a wrong suffered,<br />
6 does not rejoice in unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth;<br />
7 bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.<br />
8 Love never fails; <br />
<br />
A very noble and respectable sentiment. Perhaps you should go and quote it at the women exhibiting this behaviour rather than me? I strongly disagree that it belongs in this thread. The bible can be used to justify almost anything, due to the large amount of ambiguous and unclear content in it. Holy wars and mass murder have been justified by humankinds interpretation of this book. I think that says it all... The problem is not the book itself but the way people interpret it and twist it to suit their needs...<br />
To me this seems to be directed at the wrong side of the equation.... I do love women and have many female friends that I treat respectfully and who treat me the same way. I also speak up regularly when they are wronged in their defense. All I am saying is I do not wish to associate with the ones that choose to condemn me for not having female anatomy. Wheres the love there? Hmmmmm.<br />
<br />
People block others on EP everyday without any explanation. At least I left this.... <br />
<br />
A couple of similar analogies for you:<br />
1. I make a derogatory comment against for example black people (i would never) and then expect a black woman to love me - similar situation in reverse<br />
2. Im a sheep (not wishing to attack woman) and they are wolves (wishing to attack all sheep in this case men) I should not take measures to protect myself but simply allow myself to be attacked... -A ludicrous situation but similar analogy....<br />
<br />
I am not trying to solve anything. I am simply saying I will not accept this situation personally and advising other decent men to do the same. If there is a sniff of truth to this supposed "equality" I should have this right... If you wish to love these attackers in the way you speak of, I recognize your right to do so. Heck I even hope you enjoy being kicked in the teeth for it. This is what will almost certainly happen...<br />
<br />
I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts even though I strongly disagree with them. I hope that I have kept my reply respectful. Peace be with you :O)

You won't solve anyting this way."Caritas patiens est,beninga est caritas,non aemalatur,non agit superbe,non inflatur,non est ambitiosa,non quaerit,quae sua sunt,non irritatur,non cigitat malum,nongaudet super iniquitatem,congaudet,autem veritati,non gaudet,super iniquitatem,congaudet,autem veritati,OMNIA SUFFERT,OMNIA CREDIT,OMNIA SPERIT,OMNIA SUSTINET"<br />
My Latin is very rusty but it is easy to understand Latin compared to the complecities of man

lmao yerh! look out ghostbusters! Were onto you!

No ghost bashing either dammit!

I think all those things are despicable saratogagirl. I have spoken out in support of those issues too :O)<br />
I do understand the hurt on womens side, Ive said that the whole way thru this thread... Ive also said that if all women were labelled these things please let me know and Ill speak up on their behalf too...<br />
<br />
However I am not guilty of any of the above and I am also a man, chronimax is a man, jimmyrudyjump is a man.... Do you think any of us would do any of the above? There is also a heck of a lot of us not guilty of these labels.... Well beyond these 3 quick examples in my small circle. It is the innocent ones that find it offensive. The ones that are guilty just shrug their shoulder and go "meh theyre onto us..."<br />
<br />
Thank you for your comment :O)

I agree that labelling all members of either gender as anything is wrong. Let me say though, that by and large men on EP do NOT have to put up with the constant barrage of extreme sexism that women have to put up with. How many groups are there about liking to "breed" your husband? Or posting naked pictures of your husband without his permission or knowledge? Or wanting to participate in a gang-rape of your husband? Or holding your husband down while other men f@ck him? All this is just what any woman here has to look at every single day. Perhaps it leads to a bit of a jaded attitude.<br />
<br />
Just maybe.


Awwww, *hugs*

Thank you sierra33 :O))) Such kind words lol *blush* <br />
<br />
This site has a beautiful ambience and I definitely want to add to that not subtract. You of course already do so ;o)

I love it when folks come forward and say what's really on their minds and it can be done without bashing the stuffing out of a whole group of folks. You're articulate and fair and that's always a winner in my book! <br />
<br />
I've had my share of yucky pm's sent to me and they might ALL be from just one or two people but I know that the good people on this site far outnumber the bad and it's those good folks that make it so warm and cozy here. YOUR one of those peeps!

thank you very much for your poignant comments sierra33 I wholeheartedly agree :O)<br />
My past is the past, and im leaving it behind me its only been used in thist story as a partial explananation of why I find this behaviour so offensive. ;o) It wasnt easy to be the first man at EP to take a stand on this, so I guess I made it a comprehensive one lmao.<br />
<br />
If similar behaviour is levelled at women I invite peeps to pm me a link and i will just as adamantly stand up and condemn it there as well. I am also quite against quite a few issues that the women of this site unfortunately have to deal with :O( IE harassment by males under multiple nicks.<br />
<br />
Absolutely agree, Ive made some fantastic female friends at EP and its very sad on both sides when folks miss out on that thru their blind hatred :O)<br />
<br />
Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and your words of support. It is very much appreciated.

cuddly, I've seen first hand, a situation very similar to what you endured. It was heart breaking. I've also seen women torn down, that is equally sad, but these situations involved specific individuals and not the whole gender ba<x>se. I know far more good men then bad ones, same with women pals. It's being able to be selective in who you invest in. Just as you're doing now with this thread. <br />
<br />
I totally support your idea here. To universally hate an entire group be it gender, origin, religious, sexual preference etc...Is to universally lose the chance to meet amazing people.

hey thank you swimmingswan its all good thank you. originally this story was so i could block and forget. i dont deal well with guilt. so i figured alright reasonings here and now i can just do it and not worry if they want an answer they can find it :O)<br />
If i dwell on it ill become hateful to and thats so destructive...<br />
<br />
in fact i feel bad that so many womens stories in this group are going un-noticed :O( Ive commented on a few lol :O)<br />
Appreciate the support though. thank you so much :O)

oh i really am so sorry for what you have been i really am hope you got away from this person and are having abetter life now no one deserves this and should not put up with it

Im sorry anti3static. Im having trouble figuring out which story is one sided this one or the racist one? I dont agree with racism either but there are groups that deal with that issue this one is for sexism. If youd like me to have a look feel free to pm me a link mate :O)<br />
<br />
If you are talking about this story being one sided, well Id have to agree. Because I couldnt find an example of men universally labelling women in a derogatory manner. I strongly suspect thats because men have been taught for the last 40-50 yrs that this behaviour is not acceptable. I also strongly suspect that EP would remove this material if it was posted... If anyone knows of such an example I will quite happily jump in and defend the women. Sexism is ugly on both sides of the coin and I wouldnt find the behaviour im ob<x>jecting to acceptable if it was directed at women either. If anyone knows of such a case ill quite happily jump in to support that passionately too for the sake of women, because i would know for a fact that is completely untrue. I would suspect it would be pretty hard to find one though... Once again im only interested in cases where all women are labelled as stupid or all women are labelled as cheats or something equally as offensive and decreed universally of them.... same behaviour as im ob<x>jecting to against men.. :O)<br />
<br />
Thanks for your comments. :O)

Oh thank you for your support Lakie. You have to look at it in context.. It is one in 44 posts. I have not even been fazed by it. It was treated as it deserved and forgotten lol. That is what I am doing now :O) If you ever need someone to talk to about whats happening with you, please feel free to contact me. Sexism does go both ways and if this stuff was being said about women there would be a massive uproar..<br />
<br />
There are many, many wonderful women on EP and i never ever lose sight of that fear not.. I have just decided to protect myself from the haters.. :O)<br />
Thank you for being positive and supportive yourself, you sweet lady <3

God. Why can't everyone just cool like you, cuddlyfella. You're obviously smart, highly compassionate - forget the naysayers. For me, sexism, racism, and ageism go both ways. Or all 12893747598 ways. Oh, and the ways in between! :) Thanks for being so positive, cf! <3

@441j you dont really even deserve a response..... I am not crying, I am standing up against men being universally condemned.. with a nick like that your probably one of the men with 40 nicks stalking women and a massive part of the reason they end up so hateful, you seem to have quite a bit of hate in you yourself. Either that or you are one of the blocked women in a spare nick and really once again dont deserve a shred of my time or thought.... If youd read the replies you would see I am not a womanhater. so get bent yourself, or even better take yourself and your 40 nicks and go play on the freeway. If you were a decent man who didnt cheat, and was not braindead you would probably find this offensive too :O) Either that or you one of the blocked women in a spare nick, who quite frankly dont deserve a shred of my time or care so please take you plastic toys and go f*** yourself :O)<br />
<br />
@intelligently thank for your comment. I do choose not to accept it. Thank you for acknowledging that right.<br />
<br />
@astrapy thats it i just dont want to be exposed to the toxicity very well put. Thank you for your comment my friend :O)

Seems a bit rash.. but it's your prerogative. To each his own.

Stop your whinning you woman hating loser, your treating them exactly the same way you say they are treating us!! Be a man and learn how to take it and stop crying out for attention like a little baby. I've been on here for a while and never once had a problem with any woman. Get a life loser and block yourself. Now I know you will block me because you can't handle the truth and I really don't care.

Men do need to realise that you cant make a woman like you. I totally agree. They either do or they dont. This I can make her like me is ridiculous she does or she doesnt. I also think that in the 6 yrs that ive been a one eyed bf, a lot of women have also become more aggressive too tbh aliloveless. Ive noticed the difference myself. The confusion and mistrust is causing a lot of problems on both sides I think. :O( <br />
<br />
@smooches glad we were able to entertain you :O)

@cuddlyfella: Thanks. True, a lot of men don't trust women anymore but that doesn't stop them from chasing women! I think rejection has made men even more aggressive. That's the scary part! The good guys don't want to be around me because I'm not "waiting for marriage". Been there, done that. My best friend is a guy. If women don't like or trust men, just keep them at a friend level and stop chasing them!

i totally understand that aliloveless and believe me women do have my sympathy in this dept.. :O(<br />
<br />
However if women make ridiculous statements like what im saying they will never ever find that 5% because that 5% is recognized by other women as quality and they can quite easily and happily find another woman because they are that rarity. So yerh... Believe me i hear daily about the transgressions of men and women do have my sympathy, but no-ones going to find that golden one by slagging off his gender unilaterally :O) I also wonder how many of your 95% (your figure im not sure I agree thats its that high but we'll go with your maths) have been created by men completely losing trust in women because of this barrage of negative and categorical defamatory comments...<br />
<br />
You do have my sympathy really.. EP has really opened my eyes to the plight of women and most days I am sticking up for women not men... This is exactly why I find this behaviour so insulting and will not tolerate it anymore... I have also never cheated on a woman despite some pretty awful treatment at their hands and that is why I find that other statement so ob<x>jectionable.. Any other man who is not a cheat will most likely feel the same as me at a guess. So by making these silly statements women are really only doing themselves harm.. Of course they hurt good mens feelings too but really the greatest damage they do is to their chance of finding a decent guy and they are out there..... I am grateful for being male, I know that in a lot of ways it is easier and i do feel for the women out there. It came to post this or leave the site for me, its as simple as that. I do wish you the best in your quest :O)

I don't think all guys are stupid. It's just 95% of them are "predatory". Either guys think of me in a sexual way or don't like me at all. That gets very annoying.

If any other men would like my list of blocked women please just PM me and ask for it :O)<br />
Any woman on this list is guilty of complete condemnation of men as one entity.. Guilty nicks on it are guilty of <br />
1. Labelling all men as stupid<br />
or<br />
2. Labelling all men as cheats.<br />
It will be my pleasure to pass on my list to any of my brothers who wish for it and find the above behaviour as offensive as I did. Please dont bother with a lengthy PM though as I will most likely just send back the list.. My PM box can be quite difficult for me to keep up with at times anyhow. Thank you for understanding. List so far contains 9 nicks.... :O)

IDreamedOfTowerGreen: you are the cutest bloke I have ever seen. :O Im 100% all for having you on board! rofl. but thank you so much for your support :O) xoxox. You are 100% correct about the self fulfilling prophecy any respectable man will quite simply not wish to know about these women and they will end up with exactly what they thought all men are, rubbish...<br />
<br />
OdiumIncantatum: I am totally sympathetic to the plight of women on EP :O) Im sure that many of them could tell you that I will jump in and defend them when they are wronged by my gender. I think that women do get the shorter end of the stick in general. The women in my circle and the other ladies on EP have really opened my eyes to that and tbh a lot of what i hear on here does make me feel ashamed to be a man... Honestly and truly.... I think there are many decent men on EP who would feel exactly that same way too... :( However like yourself I have suffered quite a bit at the hands of the other gender. I also regularly champion women against men... Now imagine if despite the fact that YOU were out there everyday championing and supporting men, despite your personal hurt. YOU had to read drivel about how all women are stupid or all women are cheats... Now how would you feel? Possibly so hurt and upset that your left shaking like I have been?... Perhaps just a shade betrayed yet again?.... This is my situation and why I am at the point if im wondering if i even belong on this site....<br />
I respect your views and lack of discrimination and so will other men :O) Thank you so much for your lovely comment :O) Peace be with you...<br />
<br />
Hi PrettyOldSoul that sounds so wonderful to me! What neck of the woods is that and do I have enough skin to fit on all the postage stamps I'll need :O) rofl<br />
Thank you for your comment...

Hey cuddlyfella......it doesnt happen in our neck of the woods....----------------> come on over..we have hearts and stuff in our circles of srars...though we are kinda square at times...:)

You have the solidarity of this "gent" standing right behind you too! It insults women who ARE trying to pick up the broken pieces of lives affected by a few bad apples and trying to keep an open heart too. we all get emotionally lazy, but as you said, this creates just a bad karimic vibe that WILL simply become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Don't leave! Stay! We all rant here, right, gentlemen? ;-) So, on your side, - on all nice PEOPLES' sides! :)

Lakie any man that doesnt like you the way you are, and has ridiculous expectations of you, does not deserve you :O) Tis really that simple :O) Let him go and get a plastic blow up doll which can have any ridiculous proportions he wishes while, he misses out on the warmth, caring and love im sure you have to offer. Please do not make yourself sick for them, they are not worth it! I in fact have discouraged any girlfriend ive had to not even wear high heeled shoes... Sure I think they look sexy but Im not sent the bill for that look. The poor woman is and the price is hefty over the long term. If a man does not respect you or your health, he is not worth squat my young friend. It goes both ways with me :O) <br />
<br />
Thank you to the many other people who have spoken in support :O) I am actually pleasantly shocked at the amount of support :O) I appreciate it and thank you all so much. I wish i could answer you all but wow there is a lot here rofl. Women and men of my circle, you have all been very helpful and kind to me and I think the world of all of you :O) Please dont doubt that for a second, I treasure all your friendships and always try to treat you respectfully.<br />
<br />
The many other people who have spoken in support thank you so much, I appreciate it. I am glad that this place is not so sick and diseased it it beyond redemption... :O)<br />
<br />
Fourier Transform thank you for the education re-misandry funny how we dont hear that word so much isnt it? lol :O)<br />
<br />
cherrynow and jimmyjudyrump rofl.... =P cherry sheesh ummmm do you take cheques? lmao.. :D

Lakie, <br />
I'm a wee bit younger than you and I uh, don't really care about waist size. A good body is attractive, no doubt about that. But I'll be damned before I go after women ba<x>sed on their bodies. <br />
<br />
Men ogle at a lot of things but many of us are looking for a lot more than ogle-worthiness. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I'm not all that good looking myself. <br />
<br />
I used to think kind of the same way about women ("they say they don't care but they do" and "nice guys finish last" etc etc). Well guess what, I found a fantastic girlfriend. In high school. The sheer improbability of finding a person like her in HS would've led me to conclude it couldn't happen and that I'd have to wait until the people around me matured a bit. But improbable stuff happens.<br />
<br />
My point is that there are many, many people out there...you'll find your type, don't worry. You might have to compromise a little bit but happiness and love (which are two separate things, by the way) are often lurking just round the corner.

Yeah, I get sick of women thinking they can bash men too, just on the basis that they're men. I love men. I'm a tomboy, always have been, probably will always be one. The best friends I've ever had have either been homosexual females or men. However, I am exhausted with the incredibly sexist, disgusting ads on TV. I can't watch it anymore, and I'm only 21. I've been sick with bulimia for 8 years, and am actually starting to have physical effects from the disease. Men your age (if your age is correct on here) have more sense in their heads than men my age. Men MY age (21) like thin women. They say they like "naturally" thin women, but it's impossible to say the same size as a child unless you're A) sick with pituitary disorder that delays or stops development or B) have an eating disorder. They say they don't like "stick" thin women, but ogle over women, who are, to me, stick thin. I mean, to a lot of people, I AM thin. I have a 28" waist, ork out like crazy (yeah, the thin=healthy/active argument doesn't work. I'm a runner and still have 28" waist...) and stay active. I'm a vegetarian and limit my calories to 800 a day, but try to live on 500 a day. Honestly, I'll probably never be thinner than this. I want to be, to attract men (I know I'm smarter than 90 percent of people, I don't need to develop myself that way). To feel wanted and needed by this society. It's just impossible here unless you have a 23" waist. I've attempted suicide over it once. Will probably try it again and succeed, but it's a part of my life I've come to accept. All over this misogynistic, skinny-obsessed society. I could cure caner, AIDS, end unhappiness - all because of my mind, but because of my "frumpy" average body, am undeserving of love, sex, or nice things. I realize men have a lot to live up to, but not HALF as much as we have to. Like I said, I love men. That's the root of my problem. But come on...

Very well said...women should never really categorize men as all cheaters...I was cheated on but never underestimate the male species...I am still hoping that someday I will meet a good man who is willing to be with me forever...men differ and vary in every aspect....I salute and respect your honesty.

PS I think the better term, as FT pointed out, is misandry (man hating). Misogyny is woman hating.

I agree, sir. It bothers me to no end when anyone is sexist. Women included. <br />
I see it every day. Some women feel entitled to speak of men in a way that is entirely offensive; were men to speak that way of women, these same women would be appalled. I've met plenty of women (most of them younger) who treat men as if they are a different species--and an inferior one at that. They judge an entire gender--half the population--on the actions of a few. I find myself frequently having to defend men, having to remind ladies than men are people too. Women who talk about men as if they were mindless commodities or pieces of meat incapable of emotion sicken me.<br />
I was lucky enough to grow up with wonderful men in my life--my father, brother, and uncles. Many of my closest friends are men I've known for decades. My hubby is the most amazing person I've ever known--he's my best friend, my partner, my other half. <br />
We're all human and we're really not that different. It irks me that people tend to focus on the negligible differences between the genders rather than the overwhelming similarities. We're all in this together.

Sexism is stupid and it doesn't matter what gender it comes from, really. Misogyny and misandry are two sides of the same coin and they're both ugly and repulsive.

Hey, I'm a pig sometimes. You should see me attack a plate of Belgian Fries with roast chicken... better stay at a safe distance if you don't want to share in the 'festivities'... : )<br />
I myself have no qualms with women who bash men... On the contrary -and while they might aggravate me to no end with their shortsightedness- I pity them, because those women have often gotten so bitter that they have lost a certain sense of reality... : (

my cuddlyfella, such a well written piece ^^<br />
<br />
Well done for sharing your story (about miss ex)<br />
and <br />
Well done for telling these women how it is ^^<br />
<br />
This is why I put you in my story of Ep's intelligent men =)<br />
<br />

thank you welshbabe. You seem like a lovely lady if i may return the compliment. very much appreciate you sharing your thoughts. thank you, is most kind of you since it was a "had a gutfull rant" rofl :O)

You!!! my young friend! :) are a gentleman!!! oh! my goodness i was shocked reading your contribution :( i take my hat off and curtsie!!, to you! my darling!!! :) Thank you for sharing your post :)

thank you very much for your comment rolle2323. I hope that the many good men of EP will do exactly the same and we can make these people realise that this behaviour is completely unacceptable regardless of which gender it is directed at.. :O)

We have to deplore the ignorance and immaturity that causes a woman or a man to lash out and condemn the entire opposite sex just because they are SO extremely wounded by the actions of ONE or even TWO....or perhaps THREE or more of that opposite sex.<br />
<br />
That's like watching ONE elderly person who drives very badly and very slowly down the highway, and then announcing that ALL elderly people are terrible drivers. It simply isn't true....it's a statement made by an ignorant person who wants to generalize an entire population ba<x>sed on the actions of one person.<br />
<br />
We know there are ignorant and shallow people....and there are even more people who love to generalize....and sometimes people who are wounded lash out. You have the right idea....distance. Step AWAY.

and a very fine roar indeed! making the pride proud ;)

and i know that there are good women left like yourself too SOYL :O)<br />
sunnione you wanted me to find my roar, I think I did :O)<br />
chipmunkernie noooooooooooo that is exactly the same attitude im protesting against in reverse. I can not agree with that sorry mate. All I want is fairness and the EQUALITY we supposedly have... (and knowing you im sure it was a joke rofl.)

a real man has spoken...

sunshineofyourlove you know i have all the time in the world for you :O)<br />
I have started a group and written 3 articles for it in defense of womens rights. This is part of why i am so outraged by this. Again it is the UNIVERSAL decree that all men are such and such, that I ob<x>ject to.. I totally agree that their are bad men in the world and any decent man is shamed by that.. I certainly am which is why I literally end up shaking in upset and hurt when I am painted with the same brush. If I declared that all women were ____ & _____ due to my treatment by my ex would I being fair?<br />
<br />
If any man got up and said ALL women are such and such (insert negative remark here) would people really find that acceptable? Or would they be labelled a misogynistic dinosaur and be subject to a witch hunt?..... I suspect the second.<br />
<br />
You bash hubby to your hearts content just dont paint me with the same brush. :O)<br />
If the many, many decent men on EP make a stand against this. These women will be left with the type of men that they think all men are... Poetic justice I think? lol :O)<br />
<br />
[EDIT] Ive already done my blocking so far so please anyone who is my friend if you can get in my profile you are not being targeted :O) Dont stress the good women of my circle. I am not sexist and I have all the time in the world for you good peeps :O)

agreed totally :O) so you should. that is totally different to calling all men stupid kittenhasawhip :O)<br />
you also have seen me jump into a thread in your defense im sure. Yes there are bad men totally agree with you. It is the unilateral sexist remarks being cast against my whole gender that are bothering me. You are not guilty of such and I very much agree with your many calls defending the women of EP's rights as you know :O) Whats good for the goose is good for the gander dear lady :O) I have no quibble with you or your causes. I am not guilty of any of the things you are fighting for and would die of shame if i was...<br />
<br />
In fact I am saying the same thing in reverse :O)<br />
You are crying out against the men mistreating women, which i totally support you in. I am crying out about the women mistreating men...<br />
<br />
Peace be with you, dear lady :O)

me too and im a woman my take on the whole thing is if you were in a violent relationship and feared for your life you wouldent be bashing said man all over the net, bc 6 degres is true and well things just get out there. ncncncnc but i say you =re abusing men and the system and crying wolf when youve got a pup..wanna meet a real wolf? my ex trixie (his name)