My Father...

My dad is terribly sexist and it annoys me like hell. He didn't use to be but he seems to have a terribly negative view of women since he and my mum divorced. But he is always talking abusively about women and i tell him not to but he carries on. He also calls them not nice names and makes sexist jokes and comments. I hate it but have to live with it til i can get my own place.

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2 Responses Feb 3, 2009

What I don't understand is why people like you complain so much about sexism, yet you never say a word about all the anti-male hate and propaganda coming from the feminists! Why is that? It's okay to hate men, but it's not okay to hate women? Feminists need to quit bashing men so much if they expect men to have any respect for them. Double standards never make sense.

what an *******, he can **** off, I wish/pray that good things will come to your life soon darling. :)