The Zombie Apocalypse Is Real And We Are In It Right Now

This isn't my story, but I thought the author did a pretty good analytical comparison in describing just how bad things have gotten in our American society.  Title and story are the intellectual property of  "Jaden" and the original post can be found at:

The Zombie Apocalypse Is Real And We Are In It Right Now

In a nutshell the majority of people are pretty much dutifully going through the motions of their lives oblivious to the complete lie they are living. They believe they are free and most of their leaders generally are looking out for them despite a few bad apples. 

So they dutifully march to the election booths every couple years and re-elect most of the same folks or so they think. They don't believe vote fraud is wide spread. They believe they are sending their children and families off to fight for their country and freedom, they think fluoride and vaccines are protecting them. 

They see nothing wrong with their food supply the FDA is looking out for them in their minds despite factory farms poisoning their food and GMOs becoming more prevalent and destroying the environment. They believe their doctors are health care experts and pretty much do what ever their doctors tell them they must without question. They believe if we just have more regulation the banksters would not be able to rip us off... 

They dutifully repeat propaganda they have been fed all their lives on just about any subject without ever having really looked at the research or evidence. 

They believe we could not live without oil and that terrorist are hiding around every corner waiting to kill us so dutifully obey the patriot act and other anti-freedom legislation and allow their children and wives to be molested at airports because they believe it keeps us secure. 

When confronted they generally don't want to hear it or react angrily claiming one is a crack pot for saying anything like that. They are not interested in facts and evidence they just put a wall up and or repeat media rhetoric. 

I am sure you all can add a lot more things to the list and feel free if you like. 

Now don't worry if you do not agree with everything I wrote this thread is not about arguing which conspiracies are real and which are not we can agree to disagree on the details. The point is the big picture the over all conspiracy so to speak. Those of us who realize most of what is believed by society is a lie we are the survivors so to speak of the Zombie Apocalypse and we are surrounded by Zombies and our lives are in peril because of it. 

If you watched any zombie flick like Dawn of the Dead or the series Walking Dead (highly recommend it) herds of zombies are walking around consuming any flesh they can find destroying anything in their path. And a few pockets of survivors are trying to avoid them and find a place free of them or fortified against them. These zombies have no minds their brain stems are just functioning enough for them to do this. 

This is not unlike us here who see all the lies and watch the herds dutifully destroy our freedoms and go along with the lies and will not hear anything contrary that disrupts their status quo. They do not know they are destroying their own world. 

Is this not the definition of Zombies? Are we not fighting for our lives and freedom against these herds so to speak? Now this is not meant to incite hatred or derogatory feeling toward the herds of society although I admit it will to some degree but remember we were all once Zombies. However it does put things in perspective and how serious things are. We are in the Zombie Apocalypse and what is happening will change our world forever for good or bad the choice is ours! 

The good news in our Zombie Apocalypse unlike in the movies is there is a cure and many are being cured but still we are surrounded and fighting for our lives outnumbered and over run for the most part. Perhaps we should start thinking more in terms of creating pockets of fortifications? Micro societies of awake people working to create models for a future more sustainable society? What are your thoughts on solutions?"



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I honestly think my professor wrote this. He loves Foucault. @.@

LOL. I suppose it's possible. I just happened upon it while browsing the web one day, and it really struck a chord with me. Reading it again simply reaffirms that. :)

It's sad, but there definitely has to be something to be done. I used to think it was the Occupy movement, but that's gone to hell. What do you think? Is there a solution out there?

I had high hopes about the "Occupy" movement as well, but most of society simply saw them as crackpots. Not to mention the legislation that was passed to essentially make protesting illegal. I have thought long and hard about what could be done, and short of wiping out the current system, getting rid of big government, and getting back to the basics of the Constitution, I don't see what can be done. I honestly feel that we passed the tipping point of social reform back in the late 80's, early 90's.
I had hopes that Ron Paul would wake up America, but the media either completely ignored him (often leaving his name out of the polls, even though he was usually in the top 3), misquoting him (saying he was pro-drugs and a racist), or calling his ideas "radical", even though he was just bring up stuff that was in the Constitution!
I had also hoped that the group Anonymous, labeled "terrorists" by the CIA and FBI, would be able to make people more aware of the real truth, but they've since been forced into hiding.
I guess the only recourse I can see is forming those pockets of "survivors", but with so many "zombies" running amok it would only be a matter of time before we were discovered, overrun, and left with nowhere to go.

Some people need to awaken their mind. Choose to live by choice, not by chance. To make change, not excuses. To be motivated, not manipulated. To be useful, not used. To excel, not compete. Choose self esteem not self pity. Choose to listen to my inner voice. Not the master of the masses of zombies.

well said.