If you like it or not, we all as humans, in our time on Earth, are locked in a battle, til the second we are born, til the day we die. There are 3 types of people in this battle, the ones who are in control, the Sheeple, and the Truthseeker.

The Elite people in control spend the Sheeples tax money into brainwashing them to make them think they do not exist, and live their pathetic life's in a bubble, making them fight and just consume life without a question.. the perfect specimens for the Agenda.

The sheeple spend their pointless existence sucking the sour, salty, ***** from the Governments big thick balls of deceit, every day, and they love it ! Because ignorance is bliss.

The Truthseeker spends time finding the truth, and tries to share it with others, while being mocked by the endless ignorance of the Sheep.

There is more sheep than anything in this battle, but they are the ones loosing it. Why?
Because you cannot fight something, you do not believe in.
CaptainChunk CaptainChunk
18-21, M
2 Responses Dec 12, 2012

The truthseeker's path is often a lonely struggle, but the loneliness is no match for the empowerment that comes with awakening and awareness. Yay truthseekers!

Ur right.