My Mom Does.

My mother has never taken a day off of work to help me nor my brother out. She has never taken a day off to take him to get his learner's permit, or taken him to a driving instructor. She never did this for me either. That's is why at 22, I'm doing all this by myself. My mother expects me to take my younger brother to get his driver's license. My brother entered college this year, you know who got all his papers? My boyfriend and I. We didn't have a car, so we had to go walking in the hot summer heat. It was terrible, and all my mom ever did was ***** whenever we couldn't get something done. Where does my mother's boyfriend come in? Well, a few months ago she took an entire week off of work to stay with him because he was "sick", then she took another week off to go to his niece's wedding whom she has never met, a few weeks ago she took yet another few days off because his back was hurting. She has never done a fraction of that for us. Talk about great parenting. When I leave my house, I want to take my brother along. I'm basically more of a mother to him than my mom is.
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Yea. I know there are worst things that could happen, at least we were never abused physically or anything like that, but I get so angry at her. She's such an irresponsible parent. At 56 she's still trying to act like she's 15 worrying only about very superficial things, like clothing, shoes, and her drama with her boyfriend. It has gotten me so fed up.

That is so sad, you wonder if your mother had really bad parenting from her parents. But then there is no excuse. Hopefully you can take your brother with you when you do leave, he would find it hard without you. At least you are aware of what is going on and wont carry it into your own family. Good Luck!