Up a Little Late Arn't You? / Don't Let An Empty Bed Scare You.

When I have to do it even the smallest bed feels huge and empty. During single times like these I'll pile my bed with pillows and teddies and covers, but even then I can't sleep unless I'm really tired... even then I dont sleep so much as go into a sortof coma for six or so hours.

I don't really want to be in a relationship right now; i'm pretty independant when it comes to most of my life. I dont mind shopping alone, going to the movies alone, eating drinking or living alone. Its just this one tinsy part of ym day that makes me feel oh so low, low, and lonely.  Naturally it causes problems- the desire for nothing more than a warm body beside me every night has caused me to stay in alot of reltionships i wasnt happy in, or to lowe rmy standards and date men i didnt really like. Ive ruined alot of friendships with this needy habbit.

i suppose i should look into getting a dog.

captncannuck captncannuck
18-21, F
Aug 20, 2007