So my mom has been being a ***** for the past 2 days. Last night we ate dinner at about 9 and i got a twinkie before bed at 12 and se started yelling at me saying "we just ate about 2 hours ago!! We never have food because of you ur a ******* pig!!" So i got pissed but since im not allowed to cuss i said this "really mom?! Look at u!! Ur 6 sizes bigger then me so dont even start!! I wanna punch in the face cuz all u have ever done the past 2 days is take us all down over nothing!!!" It bothers me so much cuz today i made popcorn since we never have food in the house cuz shes cheap and she yelled at me. Like wtf is wrong with her?!?!?!
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My mom does that too except my brother eats EVERYTHING in our house

Btw nice username lol my 2 fav bands 😊😜

OMIGOD I LOVE YOU!!! Everyone assumes it is the song and not a band so I gave up, FLW is amazingggggg <3

Yesss!!! Just yes omg amazing band :) u dont find a lot of people who like the same bands as u

Preach it!

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