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I don't care if individuals oppose the war. Everyone has the right to their own opinion on that issue. However, there is no justification for bashing our brave military men and women. We should be thanking them for their honorable service to our country. God bless!

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The two of you deserve respect for your service. Dedre I understand what you're trying to get accross. We do have freedom to voice our opinions but in my mind some things are just crossing a line. I'm not saying that everyone must show our military men and women kindness and gratitude (although you all deserve it in my mind). I do however believe that they at least owe you respect. For God's sake, you're serving to protect their freedom. It's a tough issue though. Anyways, I just wanted to thank you for your service :)<br />
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and singer1960 you're not mental at all. I admire you for your bravery. Thank you for your service :)<br />
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God bless you both! :) You deserve our thanks

I worked with a woman...the was going to school....She told dme that I had mental problems....I looked at her funny...and asked what made her say that....And her responce was...Well you were in the military.....And to do must have mental problems...For only an insane person would ever want to do that.....And what hurt me the most...Was that she was seriouse

These stories and this group reminds me of an e-mail I got from a tiny cousin a few summers ago, talking about equality and such and freedom but then talking about banding together against soldier-bashers.<br />
I'll share what I replied to her with (or what I remember of what I e-mailed her with):<br />
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"XXXXXXX,<br />
What are you now, 11? You may want to ask your parents why I feel the way I do about this. Yes it may be considered terrible what some people in the world do and profess "It's my right! It's my freedom to do as I feel!" and such things.<br />
And I'll let them.<br />
I am ex-military. I did not see combat, but I did my part and did my job as a sailor. I honor and respect anyone who has been in service, whether they spent their time killing the bad men or whether they were construction seabees who did nothing but make children's playgrounds on our bases. All service members will have different reasons for why they would be in the military, but one of the parts of the swearing-in oath is to defend our freedom, our way of life.<br />
I may not like it either, but I'd defend to the death their right to express it."

Because their brain capacities do not span nearly that far. All they see are people who are fighting in a war and can't see anything beyond that. This is where ignorance truly plagues mankind; ignorance blinds the mind to everything that it should see. Yet another sarcastic "mosel tov" to humanity...

Thank you for the support guys! Honestly, I don't see how anyone could have any other viewpoint on this issue. How can you not support the brave souls who are out there defending your freedom and own rights as as Americans? How can you not admire someone for protecting our country?

I agree 100 %.. they can think what they want. But keep it to themselves.x

Yes...At times they forget that it took....and still takes a man or woman putting their life on the line to protect the right for people tyhat will trash them......Makes my heart cry when that happens

Undoubtedly. Whether or not a person supports the war, they should at least support the men and women dying protecting us out there. It is just plain unamerican to do otherwise. I have been forced to listen to the mindless spewing of these disgusting people in my time and within seconds of hearing what they were saying I found myself arguing with them to the point of shouting. <br />
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People are ignorant and cruel, something I've known for a long long time but never ceases to amaze me. I applaud you for seeing the proper side of things usafsweetheart, some people should take a few notes