Remember who is risking their lives, staying away from their families for months and years at a time, so that you have the RIGHT to open your ungrateful mouth at all.

This is such a pet peeve of mine.  As I woman, I have much admiration for the soldiers out there, at this very moment, defending my freedom.  In some countries, the countries that they are risking/losing their lives in, women can't do so much as go to get groceries without consent from a husband/father. 

If you oppose the warSSSSSS (yes, we are in TWO) then that's your own opinion.  But the soldiers did not ask to start them. 


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Well said Squid!

Serving in the military is demanding and can be a difficult task in an of it's self. Those who chosse to serve for our country and our freedoms deserve our respect graditude and support. <br />
If those who do not understand or comprehend what it takes to accomplish the job at hand I suggest you walk in thier boots, preform bootcamp training, deal with the risk and fear. Choose to live a life of honor before you speak of those whom you don't know and the conditions of life some are exposed to.<br />
If you don't approve of the job they are doing lead by example. Join the armed forces show us how to do the job correctly.

I'm from the south and the general opinion of most everyone I've some in contact with was that they didn't support the war...but the support the troops. Even if not actively supporting them (which they reallyshould) they def don't knock them. My hubby has only heard one rude comment directed at him. It kind of hurt his feelings....but I was sooo P*ssed off! These ppl are just plain rude!!

That is an interesting thought that more people need to take into consideration VendettA12. I agree. Thanx for your comment :)

RANGER UP <br />
Fight for your belief, not for glory.

Criticizing the wars and bashing soldiers are in two different universes, yet so many seem to conflate the two. It is totally possible to vehemently oppose a war BECAUSE you support the troops. People who tell protesters to be quiet and just "support the troops" don't realize that our silent acceptance guarantees that more of our soldiers are going to die in an unnecessary occupation based on faulty intel that they did not choose. They signed up to protect us, not protect Iraqis from Iraqis. This is unacceptable.

People who actually do support the troops should most definitely speak out more to muffle the berating comments of the haters and spewers. However most won't because sadly after we are born we are plagued by society with the idea that "we don't have to do this because someone else will." This idea is behind many of the worlds problems, among them the fact that not enough people pay their respects to members of the military, not enough people vote in the first place, and diseases are going uncured. I could help in those areas...but I'm sure someone else will *rolls eyes*

That's for sure lefthook. You'd think it would be more common than it is.......they truly do appreciate it since it doesn't occur often enough

our soldiers put their lives on the line to protect us from harm and to protect the freedom we have. 4 that they deserve our highest honor. thank ur soldier 4 us, they dont hear that enough.

It really hurts me to hear people bad mouthing the soldiers and stuff. I just want to pack those people up and send them to Iraq or Afghanistan to live, see how much they'd like it.

Yes oh yes.... Straight to the point.x

God bless! I couldn't agree with you more. Thank you for this lovely story...and you're definately right. My man sure as hell isn't spending all of his time away from me by choice. He's just doing what he's got to do to insure a promising future for us. I don't agree with the war but I definately couldn't be more proud of my airman :)

No.....A soldier never asks to start one.....But we are the only that it takes to end one.....<br />
<br />
(We I say....I served....and would once more if I could) Thank you all my brothers and sisters in arms