The Apostrophe Is Redundant

But so are the soldier bashers. They're just doing their job. Be thankful that they do! The soldiers, I mean.

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All I can say is, thank God Bush and Cheney are not in the White House any more. Maybe now US soldiers can go back to doing the job they are paid for instead of torturing prisoners.

The Abu Ghraib situation is just another facet of how we mistreat our soldiers. The system is designed to protect the military brass, not the grunts. If you're at all doubtful that the orders came from higher up, you should watch the documentary "Taxi to the Dark Side". You can watch it for free on google video. <br />
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MissBebe- it's true that there are true animosities between the branches of the armed forces. Each branch is insular, and competition amongst the branches creates bonding within each branch, but at the expense of brewing disdain for the other branches. Ask an army infantry soldier what they think of the marines and then go ask a marine what they think of an army soldier.

I wasn't aware of that, but contrast that with the situation of the prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib. <br />
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When pictures got out of soldiers abusing prisoners those involved said they were merely following orders, and I don't doubt that was true, and that the orders came from high up. But the officers denied that those orders were ever given and because the orders weren't in writing nothing could be proved.<br />
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Those soldiers, who had no choice but to follow orders, were simply huing out to dry by their own commanders.

ah, but trying to hold the few criminal soldiers accountable is not allowed. Didn't you see what happened to John Kerry when he returned from Vietnam as a young man and tried to bring up the crimes of a number of our soldiers? Even though he was a war hero, his name and reputation was slandered and he was painted as a traitor, because he had the gall to want to prosecute those soldiers that had committed heinous atrocities.

Of course soldiers should be held accountable for their actions just the same as anyone else, nor should they be any more immune to criticism.<br />
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To suggest that they are somehow complicit in the machinations of the government of the day is, however, completely absurd. Soldiers are not politicians, nor do they control the politicians any more than the voters who elected them.

Your statement should be,"I can not tolerate any criticism of soldiers."What if the actions of soldiers are barbaric,or constitute torture?I am assuming that you are referring to any criticism of the actions of miiltary personel engaged wars in other countries,and that these soldiers either conscripted or not,would be aware of the possibility that they would be required to kill military personel,and in the process kill civilians of the country that would be invaded,on whatever pretext the White House uses as justification for invading any country.Furthermore,as an aside,anyone who can not tolerate any criticism of the actions the US Military in other countries,can not justify saying that those people who ordered the invasion,are responsible for what the soldiers do.Any criticism should be directed to all those people who support a corrupted political party system which is controlled by a cabal of financial psychopaths who control the Military Industrial Complex,whose profits would be compromised,if wars,or the possibility of wars ceased.

In view of the "special relationship" between us (the UK) and the USA, which means our troops have to go along with the Americans to hold their hand, I agree entirely.<br />
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But I think some people do get confused between the orders and the people who carry them out.

I think you're talking about something entirely different. I don't think people bash soldiers. People bash the bullshit policies and lies that put our soldiers in harms way. As a former soldier myself (who never saw combat but served in Berlin behind the Wall) I understand very well that I enlisted on my own free will and the knew the things I might have had to do. I received the training and learned what might happen. I don't know anyone who does not support the soldiers. I do know people who do not support the policy that put them in harms way based on lies and our never ending pursuit of other countries natural resources (oil). I'm one of those people.

I can't stand it when people bash "soliders" either. Without solids, where would we be?