Very Close to Home

I was appalled when I saw in the newspapers a protest by Muslims shouting vile slogans at soldiers during a homecoming parade

When I saw that it was the Royal Anglian Regiment I was furious because 1)I'm from Bedfordshire one of the regiments local counties and 2)It's my cousins regiment

A small group (15-20 strong) held placards calling the Anglians "Baby killers" "Butchers of Basra" & other vile crap. The police had to step in to protect the protesters from being attacked by the decent citizens lining the streets to welcome the troops back home.

One protester claimed holding the parade in a town with a large Muslim population was wrong. I think he failed to realize that the regiment and it's predecessors have been based in & recruiting from the town for more than 200 years!. Or that it's only because of the regiment, It's sister regiments and their predecessors that he has the freedom to protest

A spokesman for one of the local Muslim associations called the protesters "idiots" and "a minority who do not speak for the majority of local Muslims"

I wonder what the generation that came to this country to get a better life for their family think of their British born children & grand children attacking the very people that give them the democracy that they seem to hate so much?

britbear britbear
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1 Response Mar 11, 2009

What hypocrites. The Muslim religion is vile filth, and their prophet was little more than a peodople. Yes thats right, he married a 9yo girl, and no one can convince me that scum did not have sex with her.