No People DO Bash Soldiers NOT Just The Policies

My husband has only been in a yr.  He got back from basic and AIT, and he did two weeks of home town recruiting.  He had to go a walmart and walk around and see if he couldn't get a lead.  This woman walked up and called him a murderer.  He was like,"I've never killed anyone" and she said, "but you will."  He was just like,"Yeah, if necessary."  They act like each soldier is personally responsible for the war.  No you can thank Bush for that...or terrorism...or whatever.  My husband joined to protect all of our freedoms and I'm damn proud of him. 

It might be a different story with these haters, but they are toooooo disrespectful.  My husband said that he was told there was a church congregation here in El Paso that picketts funerals of fallen soldiers.  Tell me that's not effed up!!!!  You don't agree pickett in Washington DC...not at the funeral of a brave man or woman who gave their life to protect the very right that allows you to pickett their funerals you sick effing pr*cks!

A friend told me a story.  She said a friend of hers was over there when the crap was still all up in the air.  He came back with some issues and still has nightmares, but he did what he had to do.  I child probably around 8 or 9 walks up with a bomb strapped to him.  He had to decide:  This innocent child or the 60 innocent Iraqi and American people standing in the ficinity.  He shot the boy.  Does it suck?  Absolutely.  But don't be mad at that soldier.  Your anger should be directed at the @ssh*l#s  who strapped said young child with a BOMB! 

Look my point is this:  My husband didn't ask to be there.  Most of the soldiers there can think of 100 places they'd rather be, but they are there never the less.  You may not agree, but the least you could do is support the mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, husbands, wives, and children who are there to ultimately protect you!!!!

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There is only one church I ever heard about doing that but not in El Paso. The young vets are now going through what the Nam vets went through and it is terrible. Tell your hubby I am proud of him and if it happens to me I might just go to jail.

I'm stunned at the story of a military funeral being picketed. Thank your husband for his service and a job well done.

i agree 110% my soldier hasnt had to be over there just yet but i gott a brother in-law that has and it's absolutely hard. how that lady had any nerve at ALL to walk up to ur hubby and say that is messed up. she had no right ugh! and it deff ain there fault

I'm someone personally opposed to the war..... and I'm glad that with this generation and with this war, that sort of treatment is not the norm.<br />
<br />
I have great respect for soldiers. One whole side of my family is filled with them. And American history is a march forward paved only by men such as them.<br />
<br />
So, I hope that you take some comfort in knowing that not everyone is like that..... and personally, I would rather that sort of person left my side of the debate.<br />
<br />
I wish your husband luck in his mission and in his life.

i agree with you, you know up untill i read your story i never knew that there were people that thought that way about soldiers...i thought they were pretty well respected everywhere for the things they do...:S<br />
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cant believe someone called him a murderer :( thats so aweful..