They Really Bother Me!

I used to wonder why military wives and girlfriends got such a bed reputation and I thought well, it is just a stereotype, it can't really be that way. Come to find out, it isn't just a stereotype, a lot of women are really like that. I hate it. It absolutely kills me to hear a wife say that she likes it when her husband is deployed or that if it weren't for all the deployments they would be divorced by now or the wives that know they are at the brink of divorce so they get pregnant to stay married... I don't get it, why are they married at all? My husband has only been deployed for 2 months and I hate it. It is awful, I miss him like crazy and I hope he never has to go back. If you don't miss him while he is gone you shouldn't be together.

I swear these girls don't think. These men are putting their lives on the line. They are trusting that they can focus on their jobs and when they come home they will still have a home to come home to. How on earth could anyone cheat on them while they are gone? If you want it to be over and you want to be with someone else fine, but at least wait until they get home... Right?

Sorry if I seem angry I have just seen and heard a lot of this garbage lately and it really irritates me.
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I agree and I don't know how many deployments you have gone through but think of it like this.... I love my husband so much, I will never leave him. BuT... When he is gone he is responsible to his job ONLY ( mission, men etc.) He is gone so much that his learned mission related behavior is pretty much set in stone. So when the man is home, he is too lazy or unaware to lift a finger around the house (kind of like vacation mode... this includes leaving all refrigerated food items on the counter as soon as he is finished making a sandwich, leaves all dishes with food dried on for me to do, hasn't ever cleaned a toilet and has no idea how to replace the toilet paper)..needless to say, I am working 90 hour weeks, taking care of small children with the added bonus of an absent-minded boy man child in the house. Like I said, I love him so much, and deployments are long. Sometimes the occasional time apart is a perfect reminder that no matter how lazy he seems at home I know he is working that Much harder while deployed.. You can do like some and choose to see deployments not as a negative, but as a way to strengthen yourself as an individual; make yourself feel complete by joining a club or going to the gym. Deployments are only as lonely and bad as you make them.

Ps cheaters should all rot together.

the sad part is it goes back to all the wars it has alwasy been a problem on both side many cheat on there wifes too it is not one sided<br />
<br />
in viet nam they were called west pac widows for wifes i have no idea whatthe wifes called the guys that cheated on them<br />
and yes i am a male you see i am on the other side while i was US NAVY my wife who i love was very proud to be USMC<br />
when we founf each other by accident in viet nam she had been looking for me and she worked for sand crabs too just like i did<br />
in the time were were in country it was a different war then later years<br />
but my wife was killed the day after i was reported KIA due to friend fire and she never got the word i was alive

You literally took the words out of my mouth. Before Reagan left for deployment he was talking about how some of the guys come back from deployment and theyre going through so many things and then on top of everything they find out their wife cheated on them with their bestfriend, crazy things like that and he kept saying baby you're not going to do that right?..<br />
Why should he have to even ask me that? Those boys are fighting for OUR freedom! Girls are idoits that's whats wrong with them. If I have to reassure my boyfriend every single day that I'm not going to leave me I will, because dating a marine is worth it. It's an ecperience I can't even begin to explain and I'm honored ... literally. Some people just take things for granted and don't have a heart. so let them. karma always comes back to get them.

Those type of wives are the ones that make the good wives look bad. Damn hoes.

understandable. <br />
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its not all girls.<br />
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ugh. and i agree.... its annoying.

Have any of you seen the "wife swapping" that goes on in ba<x>se housing? I went to a party with my husband and his best friend.. The entire time his friend is telling us how he got with that "wife" and that one.. Its not always just the women that start the stereotype, some Marines as well.. Sad I know but completely stupid!<br />
I love my husband. My world is not the same without him here. That is why i do not live on ba<x>se, or in ba<x>se housing. I do not need the drama and really do not want to be around women who are only using there Marine......<br />
<br />
Semper Fi

ugh thats so messed up!!! i hate it! like why cheat? seriously just end it. girls like that dont even deserve to be with a marine. it really ****** me off. not to mention, it makes those who DONT cheat look bad. and it gets the Marines to worry about if they can trust their girl when theyre not at home/ deployed.

i agree if girls want to be with someone else they should wait for there boyfriends to come back to tell them instead of just cheating on them when they are deployed!

I agree. It makes the girlfriens/Wives that are actually their and want to be with their man look bad.<br />
Semper Fi<3

ugh!! those girls dont know what they got!!! i be hatin when my marine gets deployed n is cuz he so far away from. it breaks my heart being so far apart n they are ungrateful as fuuk for not appreciating what they got.<br />

i watched a true life about a girl who was loving her "independence"...i think its just so stupid, if your with a marine you shouldnt take that for granted! We are so lucky to have fell in love with a marine.

That is the exact reason why my husband and I hate living close to a base. The further away from the drama the better. Yes, living on or close to base is best to meet people that know what you are going through, BUT... why would we want to be friends with couples that are like that.? It makes me sick. It isn't that hard to be faithful. Cheers to every Marine/Military wife that ignores the drama and sticks with their man!! :)

Yeah, I hear that all the time too. There have already been a ton of guys from my husbands battalion to get dear john letters this deployment. I feel so bad for them... every time someone gets one I end up getting a call from my husband cuz he is terrified that he will come home and I will be gone too but that isn't going to happen. My Marine is my world!

It's that whole "I'm separated" cop-out, meaning I'm here, and he/she is there. I've been the wife of a Marine for over 19 years now, and I hear it ALL THE TIME. It's a sad state of affairs when wives cop that attitude, and there are plenty of young Marines who will take them up on it. Ugh,

It really does make us all look bad. I get guys who come up to me all the time trying to hit on me. Even when I tell them I am married they don't care. They have all heard the phrase that "while the Marine's are away their wives will play". JUST BECAUSE MY HUSBAND IS DEPLOYED DOES NOT MEAN THAT I AM SINGLE!!! lol! It bugs me!

that makes me so sad. i hate that too.

Me too! Those women don't have any buisness being with a Marine. They **** me off too.