Leave Him Here!

I can't even explain the anger that is inside me.
   He wasn't just a guy, he was my rock. No we aren't together, we can't be because you are taking him from me! He loves you, you are his future but he is my present!
  It feels as if he would go to the end of the world for me, he has  saved me from myself! More then once! It isn't everyday you find someone who will sit next to you well you break down, holds you tight and promises you he'll make it better. True to his word it always fixes.
  He knows me and my faults and still accepts me. Then you take him, as if he has nothing. He talks about you all the time! How he is so excited and happy. That he can't wait to have a family. That he loves what you will do for him. You will do more harm! You will hurt more people and what if he never comes home?! What will I do? What will his family do?
   I just don't understand why you look so attractive to him! Why he has his heart set on you! He can get so much more else where! You can't even promise he will be save! You can't even promise I will see him again! All I have is my prays to God, praying he will come home safe and sound one day! Even if he comes home, he will be a different person.

Why cant you just see!? He is mine! Stop stealing him!!
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18-21, F
Dec 1, 2011