Anyone Need A Friend? :)

if anyone ever needs someone just to talk to, get things off your chest/mind.. you can ALWAYS message me.

i also have Facebook & Myspace. you may also add me on there, & talk. I love meeting girls who are dealing with the same situation as me. & it's always good to kno someone cares.

my facebook name is Courtney queenb Todd

my myspace is

xoxoxo - God Bless! ♥♥

CourtneyRenee CourtneyRenee
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15 Responses Jan 3, 2010

Hey (: yes I do need someone who understands and who I can understand cuz its hard dealing with this on your own.

Hey (: yes I do need someone who understands and who I can understand cuz its hard dealing with this on your own.

Hey (: yes I do need someone who understands and who I can understand cuz its hard dealing with this on your own.

Hey :) i love having people to talk to that are in the same situation as me. Ill add you on facebook <br />
My names Maddy. I am actually new to this lifestyle so its hard. My boyfriend actually just left for boot camp. Its been really hard but i know hes not gone forever. So if anyone just wants to talk that would be awesome <br />
Thank you :)<br />
Semper Fi<br />
<br />
Facebook name- Maddy Merritt

Hi ladies. I think this site is great. It's nice to "meet" other girls in the same exact situation. Everyone seems to have the same story... they want people to talk to that are in the same situation, that understand them because nobody else does! Definitely the boat I'm in! Feel free to find me on facebook, and just let me know you found me on here! Semper Fi! :)

I'm really new to this. My boyfriend i have not seen in 7 months and i would love the support and talk to yall about what yall are going through. Your more than welcome to come add me on facebook and/or talk on here. message me for my account name !

Hey girls! For all of you new to this experience, congrats on falling in love with one of the few and the proud :) I am definitely not new to this lifestyle! I grew up military and now have my amazing fiance in my life who is currently deployed and comes home in less than a month and a half!! If anyone ever needs to just talk or is unsure about anything, im always here!

ive been on this site for about 3 months but my boyfriend left in september, id love to talk to anyone to get advice because i could use alot of it, and i also try my best to give advice :)<br />
<br />
facebook name- Anjhelika S Zertuche

feel free to add me on facebook...<br />
name: AylaKay Fox <br />
<br />
i'm here for anyone who needs to talk or anything. i know we all need support from others who truly understand our situation :)<br />
semper fi <3

Do you have facebook? :)<br />
my boyfriend has 7 more weeks of boot camp!

heyy i need people to talk to because theres alot of drama with between all of my friends!!! soo i really need people to talk to that know what its like to have a marine(future marine hes in boot-camp) boyfriend! because no one knows what it is like!! they make fun of me and stuff all of the time!!! message me anytime!! and my name is jamie longbons on facebook soo anyone can add me!!! and i cant find you so can you please add me?

Hey Girls! <br />
<br />
I am new to both the site and the marines girlfriends world and learning it all at full speed. My boyfriend doesn't deploy for a little while still. But could really use some friends who understand this world.<br />
<br />

Hey ladies, same here. I'm new to this site but not the marine girlfriend situation. Even after a year, I still need supportive marine girlfriend who understand what i'm going through because none of my friends do. So I just want some friends to talk to♥<br />
Ladies, message me on here on ask for my Facebook email(:<br />
<br />
Semper Fi!

hey girls! i would love to have someone to talk too. Its a rough time with me and my marine right now so icould use someone to talk to that knows what it means to date omeone far away.

hi:)<br />
i love/need friendship, specifically from someone who understands marine life!<br />
Im El Gunn.<br />
adding you on facebook!