All The Little Children Of The World

Have you ever stopped to think about how much of our American culture revolves around food? We go out for lunch with our co-workers. We gather around the family table for a nice meal in the evening. We invite our friends to our homes for BBQ’s. We have many people into our homes to have a very elaborate meal for the holidays. We don’t even need a reason to host a picnic. So much of our day to day life revolves around food, but what happens when we can no longer afford to do these things?

Right now many of our families are going hungry. I read somewhere that approximately 13% of the US population lives in poverty, which the last time I read was set at a net income of $11,170 annual salary for one person, and then basically $4,000 more for each person in the home. In early March, the former Today Show weather man urged Americans to act quickly. He reported that one in four children go to bed each night hungry; that is a lot of hungry mouths that aren’t eating. My heart goes out to those persons, especially the children that live in these conditions. It really does break my heart to see the children from all over the world going hungry but it makes it doubly hard to see the children in our own cities and towns- that makes it really hit home.  I wish I could feed all the little children of the world, but I will start in my own little part of the world first. 
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You talk about BBQ, picnics, lunches, dinners that is still food that is eaten and consumed in a way. Think about the stupid events like "Tomato Battles" so much food is wasted there. Or people partying and just throwing up what they have eaten after consuming alcohol. Things like that are what bother me more...

I get bothered by a lot of things. It is typical for Americans to have big cook outs for summer weekends although it has been a very long time since I have. I have never had a tomato battle; that must be European? Do you like just throw tomatoes at one another? And the binge purge thing bothers me on many levels.

It was european but lately they are having it in america also. Recently there was a really big one in San Diego. And yeah you show tomatoes at each other, like a food fight with ripe tomatoes. Also the weed that people smoke then it makes them hungry. A lot of things, I cant even begin to enumerate them all. So much food can be saved if people only practice good habits but no...why will we? I have money I am paying for this food so I have every right to do whatever I want with it. Also who am I to say, not like I practice good habits all the time, but I do only get things I will eat and never waste any food I get.

I was volunteering at one of the food banks this morn ing and that was how this story came about... <br />
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We have a charity in our county that feeds multitudes of people. It is awesome. When you go in you can choose not to fill out any paperwork and if you don't you pay a certain amount per pound for everything in there. i think it is 1.00 a pound. They have meats and veggies and household cleaning stuff... cereals... baby food etc all the time and then everything else is strictly donation. They do not check the forms so whatever the person writes on the forms they accept and depending on their income the person pays per pound at a reduced rate and some of it is free. It is a great thing they are doing because it allows people to maintain their dignity and still get things they need. Somee people would not take help unless they got it in this manner.

Aww that set up ROCKS!! Ours is all about letting these folks have dignity too but it isn't as organized sounding as that. I love the idea of $1.00 per lb. for anything!!!....

The thing with us is that some of the folks we'll personally helping are our friends... We know these folks they're hard working folks in our community that lost their jobs and folks are all pitching in to help them hang onto their home....It's scarey cause some of these folks we're helping now have been the ones offering the help to others in the past....

That is good too.

Paying it forward makes everyone feel good in my opinion.

I hear you on this one. Hubs and I are HUGE supporters of our local food panties..... We have gotten to even know some of the local folks who are having it bad cause of losing their jobs and being we have a garden and lot of extra stuff we are always giving stuff to folks who need it. I never get much into sending money away to help charities cause there always seems to be plenty of people right in my own, town, city and state to help....Same with clothes furniture and electronics..I don't throw anything away cause if it's in decent condition somebody can use it.....