One week my parents went on a business trip and left me with my aunt and uncle. My cousins are close to my age. My female cousin had a friend stay the night when I got there, and it was my crush!! When I saw her, she said hi, and I said hi back. At night, I got tired and went upstairs. When I went up, I saw my crushes bag open, so I went and looked. She had a pink thong in there. I tried it on cuz I was curious. I ******** down and put it on. I hated it!!! It was a wedgie monster!!! So I put my pants back on and went to my bed. I ******** down to my briefs and fell asleep. I do have a bed wetting problem so I wet my self that night. My aunt wasn't mad. So I put on another pair of briefs. My aunt told me to go down stairs and eat. I tried to put pants on but she said no. So I went down stairs. Everyone was in there undies! Even my crush. My uncle was wearing tighty whities, jake was in boxers, Matt was in boxer briefs, my aunt was in granny panties, ash was in Barney panties, I was in superman briefs, and Alyssa was in the thong. Her butt was on full display!!
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what kind of a ritural is this everyone is in you underware?