There's an aschhole in my class I would love to beat the daylight a out of! He lives to **** me off, the unnamed goat! Met him at the sink when I was trying to wash my hands and had to suppress the urge to break a cup on his head!
Beteljuice Beteljuice
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Haha... nice expressions, 'unnamed goat'?!! :) ... I guess you forgive the poor guy. "Forgive your enemies, nothing annoys them more"

I forgave him but he lost face. Think way much less of him now...

He diminishes as the days advance...

That's good. Hey, you have a way of writing with interesting expressions. Do you write often, like a writer? or poems, with the imagination that could be more of a probability. Anyway I like how you put together words. :)

I've tried but never got to finishing it except when it's academic. I just draw and paint..

You draw and paint?! .. yup, no surprise. You have anything around?

Like what?

like some painting?

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