I dont really have a story to tell, writting just makes me feel better.

But i do not understand how we humans can possible hurt eachother, i cant even watch crime shows on TV without feeling depressed and a hate for people, its so F***** up purposly putting ANYONE in any form of emotional or physical pain. Makes me sick. Are people really this selfish and uncaring these days? i say this in a general manner, and i do understand there are good people whod never hurt anyone.

But its almost assif we are designed to hurt others to some degree, ive probably put too much thought into this but we've all seen people in pain, and at some point we have caused that pain for some people. Noones pperfect, we are all human...but it just seems like its impossible for people not to hurt eachother....what does this say about us??.


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26-30, M
Mar 22, 2009