Watching Sports....

I know this is strange for a red blooded American straight male to say but...I believe watching sports has got to be the all time biggest waste of time.  But I'd really rather get out and do something.  Getting all emotionally attached to the outcome of the game has got to be the second biggest waste of time.

Tidestruck Tidestruck
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5 Responses Feb 10, 2010

I don't care for sports either.

I DO NOT GET THIS, sports.... just feels silly to me to care, boring too. <br />
Unless my children are playing, and making millions $$$ to do so....<br />
forget it

Its a question of passion. Your from the place where your team is and you wanna represent them. I know it dont make sense to you but for others its a lot like a hobby..even a religion. Theres some sports to me that I cant bare to watch, its just sooo slow and lasts soo long. But to others its the best thing in their day. Im sure theres something you do others find boring. ITs all relative.

I hear you there...being a guy also, pretty much everyone I talk to can't understand why I'm not just crazy over watching sports. My eyes sort of glaze over whenever I hear people talking about a football game they watched over the weekend. I've gotten very good at nodding and smiling, and every once and a while saying "Oh yeah, tell me about it!"

Hi,you sound are usually fond of watching sports. <br />
<br />
Well,I don't like to watch sports.....never. So I am glad to discover that there are some more people who don't watch it either :)