What Is The Best Political System?

What's the deal with America these days? Why do so many people hate everything America stands for? The answer is very simple but hard to fathom when answered correctly, because the answer exposes politics as the agenda driven monster it really is, on both sides of the political spectrum.

The real fault for Americas standing in the world today falls at the feet of a purposeful internal destruction of American liberties not so much from external despots like in the past, like WWI, WWII, Vietnam, Korea, Iraq... No its coming from within this once great Nation. Who is it that's destroying our liberties, taking away what our Constitution guarantees?

To answer that, one must do their homework, digging into history to connect the dots. But once we peel back all the agendas and intentions a clear takeover of the American dream is revealed. Did it come illegally? Did they hold us at gunpoint? No, we the people, the ones responsible for keeping America as the founders intended are to blame for this enemies advance over the past decades. We allowed them in to gain access to our freedoms, we voted them in with their false claims of care and good intentions.

It is our fault that the Progressive income Tax was instituted while congress was out for Christmas holiday in 1913 right under our noses, Its our fault that Government is loaded with the corruption it has because we settle for nothing more, its our fault America is on the line in this election because we voted our way here as uninformed voters!

This cannot be denied once it is seen clearly for the takeover it was, this result we see today was their intent in the beginning! The Progressive movement is the culprit, the thief that stole Americas hope. They changed us fundamentally from a land under God to a land that denies its own founding with arguments of fairness and race-baiting.

Progressives have reinvented meanings of the words we use everyday, so when we hear it we think that's OK and go along with the idea, only finding out to late that what was intended by them is not what we voted for! A case in point is the health care law. What we know now isn't what was stated during Obama's touting of health care for all.

Politicians lie and stretch the facts around their agendas all the time, but what has been done in the past decades is different than that, they have been building over time their agendas. Slowly but surely the planned take down of American freedoms.

Many different Ideas over time have coalesced into one agenda, but because no one knew at the time that it was the agenda it passed unnoticed by voters. How did they do it? Well for one thing when they attack opponents they state the exact opposite of the reality on the ground, they use words that would describe themselves aptly against their opponents and we accept the line and the hook and vote against our true values every time.

They are masters of the lie, misinformation is their best weapon against truth and if we are not aware of the obvious then we work in their favor. Most voters today do not check beyond the lie for the truth, and won't dig to find all the facts. This all works to the advantage of the Progressives because they believe all Americans are sheep ready to be lead. As Americans we have to wake up to the deception around us.

How do you know when deception is close, well let's look at the cover-ups under Obama's administration. Look what happened when Osama Bin Laden was killed, how much of that mission was known right away? Almost every aspect of the mission was released to the public for consumption, why?

Its simple, it made Obama look real good, it made him look Presidential, right? Now look at the Benghazi boondoggle, what happened there? We still don't know everything, why? The mission was the same, protect our own from harm, destroy the terrorists and take back our Consulate... right?

So why don't we know everything today about it as we did with the mission to kill Osama? Again look at the results of the knowledge we would have, in one the knowledge makes him Presidential, a hero to Americans but knowledge of the other has an opposite effect. We would finally see Obama's weaknesses, his inability to defend Americans as he should.

This brings up another issue, why did Obama and his administration lie over and over again concerning Benghazi and their knowledge level during it. Why was Osama's death just as far away from the White House known in great detail while our Ambassador's death was unknown to the same White House with the same real time intelligence?

This is a case in point of Progressive agenda vs. the American agenda, they are at odds with each other and should not be. We as voters have got to wake up to these lies, because the best political system in the world is not Left or Right, its' not Republican or Democratic, the greatest system in the world is the system that allows all forms of ideas to flourish side by side. The greatest system in the world today exists not as an agenda of some foreign entity but because American blood, sweat and tears were poured into it to make it the system it is today.

Here's another example: The Campaining during this disaster on the East Coast, The President is doing what he should do as President but understand that he should have been doing that while Benghazi was happening but instead was Campaining and lying about what caused it, why? Simple, now he needs to look Presidential being behind in some polls, so he's doing his job, then he could not risk revealing a hidden agenda in Libya whatever that turns out to be.

How long will we as Americans allow those who have invested nothing to dictate to those who have invested all? We have freed the world of despots, and tyranny for 200 plus years without thanks or fanfare, without so much as recognition for our efforts from those who today enjoy the freedom we paid for in blood.

Class warfare and Race politics are the reward from those who would not be here now if America did not exist. They misuse their freedoms, and abuse the ideas that were hard fought in the American Revolution, thinking their agendas are above the freedom and liberties of the rest of us, they plow on thoughtlessly except to make themselves look good.

In the book "Rules For Radicals" we find the very thing the administration is using to do every facet of their campaign to date!

"The end is what you want, the means is how you get it. Whenever we think about social change, the question of means and ends arises. The man of action views the issue of means and ends in pragmatic and strategic terms. He has no other problem; he thinks only of his actual resources and the possibilities of various choices of action. He asks of ends only whether they are achievable and worth the cost; of means, only whether they will work... The real arena is corrupt and bloody." p.24

America is being systematically dismantled by these radicals, not by accident but on purpose. Why would anyone want to destroy America? Well, we ask that question from the wrong perspective, these people are not average Americans.

They are radical in every way, they hate us because of how they have been molded physiologically. They have been indoctrinated by Socialists, Communists and America haters almost from birth, but with one difference from the haters of the past; these haters are among us, working with us, and campaigning beside us. This idea alone makes the times we live in scarier than those of the past!

"The third rule of ethics of means and ends is that in war the end justifies almost any means... " p.29

The fact that these people think that their ideas mean it's a war is disturbing in itself, but look at this way... we should take them at their word because they really mean what their saying. Radicalism is at the highest levels of this current Government and cannot be uprooted in 4 years, it will take the long haul from patriots for many elections to come to clean out the agendas that have taken root since the 1920's.

Our republic has come to it's crossroads, we ether do something soon or it's curtains for the American dream, we can no longer play politics as usual. We must restore the Republic back to it's former luster. Time is short and history repeats itself, but it's up to us not to repeat it's mistakes!

I am a LICENSED MINISTER of the Gospel and a FORMER WICAN / BLACK WITCH and Substance Abuser who was brought to Faith in Jesus Christ in Aug of 1979. My Ministry is to reach those in the Occult/Cults and SKEPTICISM with the TRUTH of God's Eternal Word! I am unremarkable but my God is most remarkable in his scope and has worked in me a miracle beyond compare.

I am a conservative at heart, I believe in American exceptional-ism. The Constitution is final authority on ANY and all Law decisions. God through the founders established the first and only Nation on earth where Liberty and Justice for all could be born!

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