Why Does It Matter?

All I see is an argument on if God is real or not. People insulting each other and saying "you will burn in the lake of fire" and sh*t like that. I say why argue? If you live a life of caring and helping people around you and are generally a good person, why does it matter if they believe or not? If I don't except Jesus as my savior or believe in any God or if I'm the most devout Christian/Muslim/Hindu, as long as we live a life of peace instead of arguing and fighting, why does it matter? I've been told if I don't accept Jesus or Muhammad then I will be sent to Hell upon my death. So if I did nothing seriously wrong in my life and died saving numerous orphan children from a burning building but never accepted anything, I'm going to Hell?
Machidiel Machidiel
22-25, M
1 Response May 19, 2012

I always ask religious people (who start arguing with me and telling me that im going to hell) the same question and the answers seems to be - yes. **** logic. lol

Lol yeah. They say something like this: "That was a very well laid out, rational point. But I will still hold to my emotional opinion based on no facts or evidence."

**** logic, indeed.