Simple Estimations

I was not a spoiled child.  "Spoiling" children effects their personality when they are older, I believe.  They will eventually believe that their parents will give them anything and everything.  I think it develops a somewhat snobbish person.  Some of those children don't get a wake-up call until it is too late to depend on mommy and daddy.  I can't stand the kid at the grocery store that cries because they did not get the toy they wanted.  It goes right through me.  It makes me not want any children, but of course, it is not the child's fault that they act that way.  Actually it is the parent's fault.  You should not give in to them.  I see what that causes all the time.  I believe that it is a serious issue.  You may mess up a child's personality by spoiling them.  It is never too late to start on the right track.  Stay off of the left track.  

18-21, F
Mar 7, 2010