Spoiled Kids Become Spoiled Adults.

I used to hate hanging around with this dude. He used to treat his family like ****, could get away with anything, used to rub his fortunes in my face when I was struggling and he treats women like dirt, even in my opinion.

He just lives in a fantasy world, still lives with 'nanna nad grandad' with his £14,000 car, still has pocket money and doesn't even pay for cigarettes. He makes me furious, he always lands on his feet, he has it TOO easy, ****!

People who spoil children are stupid, they will regret it, he is 27 years old and still has tantrums when he can't get his own way.

I have nothing but contempt for him, I hope he dies, he made my life a misery, I don't trust anyone since I knew him. Not that he was atheif, he was untrustworthy with the most important thing of all, respect and empathy.

Evil little bastard, he kills pigeons too, for fun.

Azazel27UK Azazel27UK
26-30, M
Mar 8, 2010