What Can I say? Spoil people get what they want... I just wonder sometimes how it would be for them to not have parents... Seriously how would they even survive... The last thing that I actually got that I really wanted was an Ipod.. I beleive that the other stuff I got I had to work my *** off to get it.. When mostly every kid in my school got everything they always wanted... lets just say that I go to a school where almost everyone is spoiled. I get my brothers car when everyone else is getting brand new cars... yea if I ever want a new car I'm gonna have to buy it myself... Yea I just can't stand spoil people the biggest reason for this is because they like to brag about what they have and what they are getting when I have to work my *** getting what I want.

martpao martpao
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 8, 2010

Do you think that you've matured as a result of this? I think that you've already learned a valuble lesson for life. Annoying as that may be