My uncle (almost 50) started dating a woman in her late 30's and was at least 4 months along, I'm not sure, and it wasn't his. I was visiting with my daughter one weekend and there's usually a lot of drinking going on in my family, well this woman was drinking. I was appalled. I talked to my uncle about it and he said she drank a 5th of whiskey a day usually! Needless to say the next morning (because she was inebriated the night before) I had a talk with this much older woman and told her that I didn't want her drinking around me anymore since she's pregnant and that's I'd be glad to help her in anyway I could. She talked to me a bit and I found out she hadn't even been to a doctor or anything and she thought she may be carrying twins. I helped her set up a doc appt. and everything, but later that day I caught her with whiskey again. I took it away from her and she got pissed then left. It was pretty sad, but I don't think my uncle ever talked to her again. He completely agreed with me though and told me he just didn't know what to say to her because it wasn't his child. If you're my friend or in my family or around me in general really, I won't tolerate behavior that is harmful to others and will tell you what I think in as nice a way as possible. Once that doesn't work you can feel free to go away because I'm still not going to tolerate it. Feel free to cause as much damage to yourself as you want, but once it crosses that line to where it's affecting another life I feel it's necessary to put an end to it. Sadly I can't do anything but speak my mind and not allow it around me. I feel incredibly bad for all the children whose lives were ruined because of this selfish behavior.

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That's awesome! Thank you for standing up and talking to her! :D

Why, thank you. How very sweet :)