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I was with my ex for a year, we broke up for the third, and what I beleive to be final time last week. I cannot stop crying. I constantly feel sick and I cannot stand it. He has depression and it's always got in the way of our happiness. He's left me twice before but he came back, this time I don't think he will. He said he used to love me but now it's turned into resentment. I don't deserve this, he was my everything. I need something to make me feel better. Anyone have any over the counter pills that work? I just need anything. I haven't talked to him for over a week and it's killing me. He hates me.
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The pain will go away take it day by day if is ment to be then he will come back.My mom has allways told me love douse not hurt if it hurts then it is not love u can not make someone love u if thay donot it mite be better for u two to be freinds.I will pray for u

i know how u feel, me and my ex broke up over 2 years ago and i still think about her everyday. Ive been sad and lonley ever since, after about a year and a half she left me notes on my car window with hearts saying call me please, i thought it was a big joke because she was drunk so i just left it alone. Then all the sudden she texted me out of the blue. It was goin great for awhile then she started telling me she cant talk to me anymore, then a week or 2 later she would text me again. This happened a few times up untill about a month ago when she said she cant talk to me at all anymore but once again has texted me, now i find out that she has a new boyfriend. I cry everyday for her, it wouldnt have been a big deal but we were supposed to get married and start a family together. I feel like im worthless and am never gonna find anyone else. Im a 30yr old male so im not exactly a young stud anymore. Now my plan of action is to do what ever it takes to forget about her and move on, you can do the same, hang in there!!!!!!!

u really dont deserve this..u should stop killing your self for him..if he hate u..so what..dont care ..u really have to move on ..life not ending here..u well meet another one ..and better than him..please dont do this to your self..move on..if u want to talk with me and i'll help if u want..just dont give up..and please dont stop your life just becuase of him

I'm not going to say what is best for you and your relationship. I too have a difficult relationship and hate when people tell me that I'll feel better with time, or relize that the relationship isn't all that, or that he is a bad person and I deserve better. Only you know the good in him and I don't believe that you are so stupid that you stayed and tollerated the bad, cuz you didn't believe that something was there that was wonderful. Unfortantly things don't always work out how we want no matter how hard we try. I believe god gives us challenges to make us stronger. I also believe that god sometimes places people in our lives that need us, cuz of who we are. I don't know what this relationship was suppose to do for you or him. I do know that it wasn't a waste and if you did what you could to make it work, then be proud that you didn't just give up. Your a fighter and a believer. That a wonderful charactristic to have. Take care of you.

my relationship with my soon to be husband sounds very like yours. He does love you and he needs you, depression is very difficult to put up with because it makes you feel guilty but you need to ignore the crap that spills out of their mouths on their bad days and make their good days great. If you love them, you love them, don't make yourself miserable by trying to forget them because it's not going to happen

don't under-estimate the overall picture of depression here. I'm a suffer(er) myself so know how relationships can falter when the 'mood' goes down. If you a strong person who truly loves him, stick with it hun. Because underneath that depression is a deep need to be loved and for someone to love them back unconditionally.

I advise you to drink (Camomile, Mint, Anise,...) as much as you can and vitamins as well. That helps against depression and sadness. Moreover, believe in that "since he is able and strong to leave you you are also strong enough to forget him".

I know what it's like to break up with someone that you've been with for years...I couldn't eat, or sleep, or even stand up straight for the first month. I was under constant stress and anxiety. I withdrew from a summer class I was taking in college because I just couldn't stop crying. It was one of the worst experiences of my life. I also don't have a family except a mother, but we're not that close, so I was pretty much all alone and scared. A couple things made me feel better though. Maybe they'll make you feel better too! I started writing songs. I sing and play guitar, and I went inside of my hurting soul instead of trying to distract myself, and I came out with some really cool stuff about finding true love, because obviously, the relationship I was in at the time was not it. I felt great because I was being productive, and I realized I was one person closer to finding the real thing. <br />
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Life is too short to be unhappy in a sad relationship. I think about my parents, my father was a reclusive alcoholic, and my mother an abusive panic/anxiety ridden dependent who was too afraid to leave him. I don't EVER want to end up like them. Though things seem impossible now and every moment seems like an eternity, it will get better. I've been there, and I promise you it will get better. <br />
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The other thing that made me feel better was watching this movie called "What the Bleep Do We Know?" It's a fun documentary about quantum physics and one part is about the chemical addiction of love. You are in essence going through a withdrawal process in your brain that is effecting the chemicals in your body. Here is a link <br />
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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tqqq5eme4X0&feature=related<br />
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Please give it a chance! <br />
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The last thing to do that will work without a doubt is to pray or meditate. You will feel immediate relief if you go inside yourself and ask for help and strength. I was never much for praying until recently. I'm not a religious person, but I believe in God. It has helped me get through every moment that I have needed help with. <br />
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I really hope you do feel better. It will get better. Every moment that passes, you are becoming a stronger individual, closer to finding the one.

I know it hurts now but it will ease over time. We all have or will feel this way about breaking up with someone who we think is 'the world' and eventually you'll look back at this experience and have found you've learnt something from it, but until then.....keep your chin up and keep busy!!

I have to agree with Kindal. Only time can heal that sort of pain. Your ex might benefit from psychological counseling and, possibly, medication. If he changes, perhaps, you'll be able make it work with him.

maybe u guys are jus bad 4 each otha. being 2getha wil neva make u happy nor will 'happy pills' atleast not for sometime. cry and let it all out. take all the time u need to just let the pain subside. wen its done ull feel beta then just close that chapter and start a new one. we all deserve to be happy and even mor so deserve someone who can be happy with you.