Allow Your Heart To Cry

This has been a year full of so many unexpected events. So many struggles and realizations. I struggle to stay standing and to just feel better. Most of the times I am able to do it,but other times I fail. I tend to cry a lot. It has always been a way to just let out my feelings. I guess some people see it as a weakness,but it actually helps me feel better. Other times, I cry too much and it does not help. I think that my body lacks lots of water because of how much I cry. Well, just right now I was crying and I actually feel better after writing about the fact that I cry a lot. lol.I cry because of my own failures( well, I know failure is an event not a person so I try to never think that I am a failure). I cry when something is not right in my family. I cry when I see all the events going on in the world. I cry if a friend is not okay. I cry when something good takes place after going through a difficult experience. I try to make the best out of the worse. So this why I cry, and I like it.
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3 Responses Dec 6, 2010

i really really agree with this.. well, i cried a lot also, but after that i feel better :)

things are really bad these days and like you... I cry a lot too. Yes it helps a lot and i do feel dryed up a lot. Thats right... Im a man who crys and will admit it. It is a gift from god. If you let it work for you it is a good thing. Gets me thru the bad things. Lol

I agree..... Sometimes it just feels good to release all the frustrations of life and shed a few tears or alot! Doesn't make you weak it makes you in tune with your emotions! I cry more often than I should! I cried when I saw ny daughter pierce her lip, I cry when I think about friends who suffer from illness, I cry when I watch movies. It's life sometimes it gets to you.