Allow Your Heart To Cry

This has been a year full of so many unexpected events. So many struggles and realizations. I struggle to stay standing and to just feel better. Most of the times I am able to do it,but other times I fail. I tend to cry a lot. It has always been a way to just let out my feelings. I guess some people see it as a weakness,but it actually helps me feel better. Other times, I cry too much and it does not help. I think that my body lacks lots of water because of how much I cry. Well, just right now I was crying and I actually feel better after writing about the fact that I cry a lot. lol.I cry because of my own failures( well, I know failure is an event not a person so I try to never think that I am a failure). I cry when something is not right in my family. I cry when I see all the events going on in the world. I cry if a friend is not okay. I cry when something good takes place after going through a difficult experience. I try to make the best out of the worse. So this why I cry, and I like it.
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i really really agree with this.. well, i cried a lot also, but after that i feel better :)

things are really bad these days and like you... I cry a lot too. Yes it helps a lot and i do feel dryed up a lot. Thats right... Im a man who crys and will admit it. It is a gift from god. If you let it work for you it is a good thing. Gets me thru the bad things. Lol

I cry a lot too, whenever I go down it seems like that's all I do. Intellectually I tell myself the same as you... it's a cleansing of the soul and the heart and it's good to cry sometimes. But as much as I cry when I'm depressed I can't help believing it's a sure sign of weakness, that I am not a man because of it.

Not sure where that cam from or why I said it because I believe for you crying is a good thing. It sounds like it rejuvenates you, washes everything clean so you can start over.

I too often cry when I see someone else crying. I cry for their pain and my failure to take it away for them.

Please do as Angel suggested and try to smile. Smiles are always better then tear and they too wash the soul clean.

I agree..... Sometimes it just feels good to release all the frustrations of life and shed a few tears or alot! Doesn't make you weak it makes you in tune with your emotions! I cry more often than I should! I cried when I saw ny daughter pierce her lip, I cry when I think about friends who suffer from illness, I cry when I watch movies. It's life sometimes it gets to you.

Crying is certainly not weakness it just vents out the emotions but i don't want you to cry, Try not to Cry instead try to smile for others.

You know something when i see people crying i cry with them although i try my best to hide it lolz.