Horrible Friend...

I feel awful....I told my best friend that I'm dying bcuz I need to feel pretty, need to lose more weight, and I'm getting weak...I'm always cold, always tired, and I pass out multiple times a day....she pointed out and asked 'so you're just gonna leave me?...' and I broke...I hafta get better, for her...but now I feel awful...I feel absolutely horrible....she will know who when she read this...I'm sorry babydoll...please, forgive me?:,(
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Cutting doesn't help **** and you know it. Go to the therapist, tell 'em your issues, get it all out, and move on with your life. Eat the hamburger, keep it down. 18-21? yeah, we all have wanted to kill ourselves at one point. We're still here, reading this ******* story. Life gets better, graduate high school.

Shut up I'm only asking for support and this was written as an apology

I only wrote it to give support.

Uh no

Ok then, enjoy your "depression." It's pretty fun.

Just leave me alone....until you've walked a mile in my shoes, don't judge

You're right, kiddo. No one has ever suffered as you have. I grovel in front of your mighty despair.

Get a life...before I bust your brains

So now you're a tough guy. COME AT ME BRO.

Just **** off. Seriously. If this is how you spend your time, harassing teens, then you, sir, are the one who needs help

I'm giving you the attention you so desperately desire. What's wrong with that?

You're doing it in a very disrespectful manner, thank you very much

Go away! Who are you to say what pain someone else has felt? How do YOU know? Who are you to say what she feels? Bugger off! >:/

Thank you Emmy^.^

I am me. She feeds off of this, I'm doing her a favor. When she doesn't get the attention she craves, she'll write another sob story. I'm saving her time.

You're being rude. It's not your place to insult her. I would know...how it feels being insulted...and dealing with rude people. You are no different than the others. Stop trying to make a name for yourself. It will NEVER happen. :0

You obviously don't know pain

Good usage of your and you're. Let's be friends.

You really think I would be friends with someone so openly rude? You really think I would do that? I'm not your friend, nor am I your enemy. I am here to tell you....what you are doing is very wrong. You are hurting her more than she already hurts. I know the pain. I know it like the back of my hand. No. You are not the kind of person I would be proud to call friend. :0

You don't have to be proud. Pride comes before the downfall. Just be my friend.

I'm not proud, I simply don't associate myself with those who are. If that makes me proud, we're all proud. I don't want to be your friend. Get that through your thick skull. :/

Yes, now please, go away

Baby steps. Acquaintances? I can cook.

I don't like you. Bye now! :)

I don't want what YOU'RE making! Now that's a joke

I can do grilled cheese.

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you dont need to apologize, as i said its your choice, i dont want to understand i dont want to see when people choose death before life, i dont think im pretty either but i wont be my own bully.. never! cause in the end im the only one i have..

Kizaki, listen to me hun. IM choosing to eat, IM choosing to live, bcuz I finally found something(someone) worth living for^.^
Someone named hmmm....let's see, I believe her name starts with a K, it has 6 letters and ends with an I

sweetie you have to do it for yourself, one day i wont be here, so please do it for you

I'm older than you;) by my rules, I will die first;)

you dont know me that well, as is see it its a fairly big chance that i will die before you

Hm? Message me please....why would you die first

C I new she would

( ;-)

Ahaha:) yes:) hey! Are you stalking us?O.o lol

Yep ;-)

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Everybody no u are pretty an im sure kizaki will c your apology

I hope she does...

She will :-)

We'll see.....


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Kizaki? You get my apology yet?:,(

An if i need to tell u that u are beautiful everyday I will do that cuz i no u are

I'm not...

You dont need to feel pretty u are

Plez dont feel that way