I Messed Up And Now I'm Suffering.

I was with my partner for 11 years, i have 2 beautiful boys by him. We had a great life, nice house and the boys were happy. About 4 years ago he took a job offshore on the oil rigs. I was'nt too keen on the idea him being away 2 weeks and only home two weeks. He was'nt so loving or affectionate and this used to always frustrate me. It became even worse when he took this job, i became quite down and unhappy. The mistake i made was not talking enough to him about it, instead i was getting some attention from a friend which led to us talking alot. He text me alot too. When my partner came home he found one of these texts and went daft. I just walked out that day without talking and walked straight into a relationship with this friend whom i did'nt even know anything about. It lasted a year and a half on and off a good few times and caught up in all this was my boys. I've been so depressed since February and still today cant stop crying. Its so hard to hide it from my boys, i'd hate for them to see me this way. I realise i made a huge mistake and i'm not proud of what i did but the guilt still eats away at me everyday. My ex-partner who works offshore is now with the man i was with for a year and half's ex-wife. Everything is so close and a complete mess. Please help i just cant stop crying.xxxx

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Thank you so much for reading and replying. I have talked with my ex and tried to make things right but he says he wont go back now. I wish i could move on but i'm stuck. Its so difficult when he's with the man i was with, ex wife. What a mess. She is loving it and laughing at me whenever she see's me. I know she has every right after what i did.

I'm so sorry for you pain luv. I have been through an extremely painful love triangle myself and i can tell you I wouldn't wish it on anyone. Can you go see a good counselor? These types of situations are such a mess and an outside professional might help quite a bit...hugs

Talk with your ex.