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When people find out you cut they ethier look at you werid, make fun of you, worry, or tell someone else. No one can truely know how it feels unless they have done it before. Cutting is used at a release, a way to stop the pain or feel alive. Yes theyre is a case where a person does it for attetion but most do it to stop whatever theyre feeling, like sadness, depression, anger. I cut and have for about 3 or 4 years, and it never gets easier in fact it gets worse, like an addiction. you can lose yourself to this, and in the end its all you have. Friends will tell you to stop and that your not alone or try and get you help but the truth is, that they have no idea how it feels to cut. My best friend gets mad at me when i tell him that i do it, and of couse i know its because he cares about me and in the end i know that if I needed him he would be there, but i just wish he would see where im coming from you know?
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I've been cutting for six years and I understand just how addictive it is. and your right, a person who isn't a cutter really doesn't understand it so nobody (except for a few people who are also cutters) knows that I do. It's good you have a friend who cares though, even if he doesn't understand.

Have niece who cuts self - severely depressed, getting help and better. Adore her, never any neg. comments on cutting, only I am always there for her. I do understand some of dynamics. I divorced ex due to abuse. It's been 3 years and we are moving on. Had adjustments, went to counselors to help all of us. Middle daughter is treated poorly compared to older sister and little brother (ages 16, 13 and 11). Been so bad she has begged to not see him. He said he never wanted to see her again, can't stand her (to her - couldn't believe other kids verified). He cancelled birthday party, trip planned a year ago for her and took away phone he promised. He became sorry (cycle of abuse) and gave her the phone. After she left, she came home and proceeded to cut her upper anterior thighs. Called emergency numbers, contacted psych nurse I know and now taking her to counselor. She cannot tell me why she did this, but admitted doing it before (I had even checked all kids due to cousin's condition). People have said stuff like, well she is doing it for attention - she gets attention or it's a drama queen thing or it's an age thing. I think she can't express her feelings and she does this episodically to help. Again, I have seen her in her suit all summer so there were none I could see and I am aware of this condition. Her Dad said I am crazy, he is taking her away and it's my fault. No wonder this is going on - too much turmoil and a kid's journal saying, I don't know why my Dad doesn't like me like he likes the other kids.

I know! It's so annoying! I wanna stop but I don't wanna stop cuz it's "hurting" you.

I hate that people make fun of others for cutting. unless you do it you dont understand. and I hate when people say , "Dont do it, your hurting me" because its not like your doing in to hurt them. It's your way to deal.But the problem is everyone has to make their problems about you. Its unfair. But i wish you all the best of luck. Theres always hope.

I started cutting a lil after my mom got arrested a month after i turned 13. im 14 now and still do it. all my friends get so mad at me because they hate seeing me hurt myself but it's like they're all hypocrites because they all cut too. My boyfriend of almost half a year helps but only cuz he says if i cut he will and i dont want him to hurt himself for me. i cant bring myself to talk to my family cuz they always comment on how horrible cutters are n i just am so ashamed to tell em. i am slowly stopping but i always get depressed and wanna pull out my razors. i dont want to go to a psychatrist cuz i just dont trust em cuz my mom forced me to go when i was younger. none of my friends really understand the pain behind why i cut. we all cut for a diff reason. i just want one person out there who gets it.... who understands why i do what i do. my friends are great but sometimes i just feel like they're so sick of listenin to my **** bout my mom and how it seems like it'll never end... it is hard to talk to people cuz it seems they dont get it or care...

I know exactly what you mean. I've been in therapy for 2 years but I just can't get around to telling my therapist about it. I feel like everyone is going to judge me, the world views cutting as just a trend, a way for attention, but to those who do it its very very real. I'm only 15 but I am addicted to cutting. May there be hope and love left in this world for both of us <3