None Stop Cutting & Scared From Stop Cutting !!!!!

every day I start my morning I tell my self that I will do something I always want to do, but I'm scared to ask how or assist. Also, I cant be social person, every time I tray to contact with someone I know recently I just feel nerves and try to just Finnish the conversation, some time that person feel angry from me and try to ignore me the next time. that make me feel lonely and unwilling to change. I triad to read books to develop my self, but nothing change because i stop reading that book and do nothing instead just being with my self, blaming, some time crying, and the most important that i forget every thing. like with i feel this feeling i forget that i felt it and just kept it in my self until that there are no place to keep that feeling hidden. I tarred from what I'm doing to my self, I just want to get red of it. I cant stand with out any move watching people going a way from me because I CANT STOP CUTTING !!!

this is the first time from aloooong time ago that I writ about my feeling, or even talk about it. hoping that i could have that change, hoping to reach what i want.
Darwinx Darwinx
Dec 10, 2012