There Is Hope

i have been cutting myself for 6 years and i have tried quitting a bunch of times and i always seemed to go back to it. i realized that the reasons for my quitting in the past were bad reasons to quit and thats why it failed. now, i havent cut since december 9th and i think that its because i want to stop for myself, and for no one else. i dont want to say that its easy cas i know how hard it was for me and i dont know if im going to do it again in the future, but there have been times where i just want to give up and do it again cas i know how amazing it feels and that i will feel better, but i try not to let it get to me. i just recently got a tattoo to cover the scars on my arm and i feel like a new person. im going to miss seeing them on me, but they are a reminder of the past and i dont need that anymore. i wanted to give hope to anyone who needs it, who feels like it is impossible to stop. it isnt, i think that everyone just has a certain point they need to reach or come to. but its an amazing feeling to put the blade away and learn how to deal with whatevers going on instead of burying it away and then letting it bleed out when you cant take it anymore.

xxmichelexx xxmichelexx
18-21, F
Feb 7, 2010