i'm new to this - both to this website and to cutting. i know i should walk away right now, just turn my back on this new hobby before it truly becomes part of me, but i can't. i don't cut deep, or on my wrists. i choose a bunch of small, shallow cuts around my hips because that's where they won't be seen. i haven't told anyone, not even one person i know i could trust with this. i think if i tell anyone they'll think i'm looking for attention, as i don't have any problems that i need to escape from. my parents never hit me, i wasn't sexually abused or assaulted, no one close to me died, nothing. my life is entirely fine. but the truth is, i hate myself. i hate every part of who i am. i attempted anorexia before but some people i know found out and made me stop. i have no physical problems, everything wrong with my life is in my head, which is my problem, isn't it? external demons can go away, but the ones inside are much harder to banish. i don't know what to do besides pick up the razor again. 

justanothergirl14 justanothergirl14
18-21, F
Mar 8, 2010