Can't Stop, Don't Want To.

I dress like a girl at every opportunity. It makes me feel right. I love the comfort and feel of the clothes.
When I am DRAB I just long for the chance to get back into some girly clothes again.
Vanessacd1957 Vanessacd1957 51-55, M 12 Responses Jun 24, 2012

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I get those same bored feeling and dressing up really does lift my spirits. But meeting other gurl is an even better way to not feel DRAB!

i know how you feel they are the best

I think that pretty well sums it up for most of us. There was a time in my young life that only my mother bought me dresses to wear. Today, shopping for new clothes is my favorite pastime. I guess that's why my closet has more girly clothes than my sister or any of her friends.

I buy most of my skirts /dresses etc online but do buy some from shops though even after 30 years dressing I still feel embarrassed about buying femme style clothing. Despite this about 80% of my clothes are femme. Sometimes it seems the only clean things I have to wear are femme and I have masses of clothes.

As I write this I am dressed in a dark blue dress which has thousands of sparkly blue metallic circles on it. it is like a disco ball. But anyway Vanessa keep on dressing and finding your true self.

Oh i know just exactly how you feel i just long for the weekends the only opportunity i get to be who i really am .<br />
To dress and spend my time as a women is such a lovely experiance

Oh yes, me too! if I have the house to myself for a few hours, it's what I want to do above all else.

being femme is awesome , when I'm alone..I don't dress all the time just when I have time.. like to add you Vanessa. good day.

I LOVE my feminine side. I feel it makes me a whole person. Women are so much more interesting creatures than men. I don't want to be a woman(well, maybe not) but I do embrace so much of the femme persona. Being able to dress just makes the ability to connect/relate so much more real.

I am so with you, Cumphie. I don't want to be a gg, but my wife and I both love the completing of my personality since Angie came to live with us. If I went back to dressing in drabs full time, my wife would have a fit. I relate to her so much better, I'm more patient and gentle. We both like who I've become. As a binary male, I had no idea how much fun shopping is! Thanks for your post. Hugs, Angie

I am with you 100 per cent. Some weeks I have to wait til Saturday to be myself, very frustrating.....

Same here....Wife wishes I would stop, but I Don't Want to stop. I never dress fully when she's is near, I usually have my female under garments on on my regular male clothes. When I do get a chance to fully dress I feel so relaxed, like its a natural thing, too bad I cant get my wife to understand.

Honey that's a real shame about your wife. But that is a problem for lots of us.

Evie, I like that! We are blessed :)

Me too sweetie, me too. That is why being blessed with this feminine side is so much fun!