Can't Stop, Don't Want To.

I dress like a girl at every opportunity. It makes me feel right. I love the comfort and feel of the clothes.
When I am DRAB I just long for the chance to get back into some girly clothes again.
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8 Responses Jun 24, 2012

It's great. I love it too

I get those same bored feeling and dressing up really does lift my spirits. But meeting other gurl is an even better way to not feel DRAB!

It would be fun to meet other gurls
how can I do it

i know how you feel they are the best

Oh i know just exactly how you feel i just long for the weekends the only opportunity i get to be who i really am .<br />
To dress and spend my time as a women is such a lovely experiance

Oh yes, me too! if I have the house to myself for a few hours, it's what I want to do above all else.

I LOVE my feminine side. I feel it makes me a whole person. Women are so much more interesting creatures than men. I don't want to be a woman(well, maybe not) but I do embrace so much of the femme persona. Being able to dress just makes the ability to connect/relate so much more real.

Same here....Wife wishes I would stop, but I Don't Want to stop. I never dress fully when she's is near, I usually have my female under garments on on my regular male clothes. When I do get a chance to fully dress I feel so relaxed, like its a natural thing, too bad I cant get my wife to understand.

Me too sweetie, me too. That is why being blessed with this feminine side is so much fun!