It's not that I want to stop. I feel it takes up a part of my life that's a secret and I don't like hiding it from close friends and loved ones.
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I have lived 40+ yrs doing that same thing. My ex-girl told all my friends and now its great them knowing b/c they buy me lingerie and dresses for gifts now. You should tell your friends and

It's scary and I don't know why. I don't want to offend or lose friends

Maybe but there is only so much you share with your friends. Most friends don't share there sex life with me.

I agree but I can't control what others think. I know who I am and I would like to share but I can't get over my fear.

It's sad I know. When I make new friends I try to be more open. If you start honest it's easier than telling friends you've been lying to them for years