I not sure when I started drinking mountain dew. I was told my parents use to mix water and mountain dew and give it to me as a baby. I just drink it all the time. I have to have a mountain dew when I get up in the morning and all day.I gone drank up to 2 to 4 two liters a day and that was daily. when In use to work I would drink a 1 liter when I first get there, and then i have like 3 more and take 2 two litters home with me. I just don't know I am very large and I would love to stop but every time I try to stop I get headache, be very irritable, and my hand wold start to shake.Most people think I m make this up but I really can't stop. I walk in a store the first place I go is to the mountain dew and get a bottle. I was even told my one of my co-workers last time I try to stop to go get a mountain dew. Well I not going to stop trying I just having a lot a trouble.
mindylee2 mindylee2
May 8, 2012