Addicted to the Dew

 Hi, my name is dudedrama, and I'm addicted to Mountain Dew.

"Hi dudedrama."

My addiction started innocently enough: My mom would give my siblings and me our "juice" as part of our standard breakfast of Cap'n Crunch or waffles hot out of the toaster. 

My elementary school's snack bar sold us Mountain Dew for $0.10 less than Coke or Pepsi because our town had an MD bottling plant.

Late at night, during high school, I lived off Mountain Dew as I swung imaginary swords and cast pretend spells during late night rounds of D&D.

When I was in a punk band (no, you wouldn't know the band so I won't even name it), I wrote a 1:34 long song called "Mountain Dew."

I quit a job in textiles when they pulled Mountain Dew out of the soda machines. I probably should have stayed in that job, but I was just soooo pissed.

Even as I type this, Mountain Dew is on my mind. I need my Mountain Dew, even though I have this big-*** pain in my tooth and I know it's the Dew's fault.

I've gone most of this day (since morning) without MD... oh agony, when will you end???


dudedrama dudedrama
36-40, M
2 Responses Jul 30, 2009

actually no you wont burn a hole in your stomach because stomach acid is stronger than pop acid so drink away<br />
<br />
fact proven by P.H scale so hehehaha!

You do know that if you drink too much mountain dew that you'll burn a hole in your stomach? It's true! Think, all the acids in it can burn (no duh, it's acid) through you, and the stomach acid will spill, and you'll die. Sounds lovely, doesn't it? But dude, you REALLY need to kick this addiction before it kills you.