The Other Side Of The Story.

My freshman year of highschool I dated a boy named Jeff for about 6 months. It didnt work out, and about half a year later i started dating my current boyfriend, Tanner. Ive been with Tanner for over 3 years now, we live together and talk about getting married some day.

Although we didnt talk for awhile, Jeff is one of my very best friends now. Theres no awkwardness or tension between and he's even really good friends with Tanner. Tanner doesnt even mind Jeff and I hanging out alone together.

But about a year ago Jeff got his first girlfriend since me, and I was very happy for him. I was a little...iffy at first, because she was only 16 to his 20. But I was happy to give her a chance.

But my very first time meeting her, not only was she very aggressive towards me and mopey that I was there, but my very first time meeting her I caught her cheating on Jeff.

We were at the arcade where he worked and while he was working i saw her walking around holding hands with another guy. Suspicious, I followed them to the back and caught her making out with this other boy.

Furious, I told Jeff, and vehemently opposed her as she did more and more to make Jeff miserable. They didnt last much longer after that, but even after he broke up with her I had to endure his ****** off and on relationship with her over the course of a year.

And of course of all of Jeffs friends I was the most agaisnt her. But despite that, he ended up dating her again a couple months ago.

Ive kinda burnt out on my anger and he's happy with her right now. So even though I dont approve Ive accepted her for his sake.

However, over these past few months, Jeffs been seeing me, or any of his other friends, less and less. He spends almost every free moment with her. After awhile I got tired of it and talked to him about it, and he went on to tell me that although he enjoys the time he spends with her, he's a lityle upset by how much time they spend together.

She apparently throws a fit anytime he tries to see someone els.

But for his sake, I offered to try being friends with her, and so did his other friends who dont like her either, so we can move on and all hang out together, instead of it being only GIRLFRIEND TIME and then FRIEND TIME. But she refused to try. She told him that she'll be ok with him seeing his other friends, but shes not ok with him seeing me.

He asked her why she dislikes me so much, and her only reason was because Im his ex. So even tho Im trying to give her a chance and like her, for his sake, she refuses only because I dated him briefly nearly
four years ago.

So, because she hates her boyfriends ex, Im losing one of my best friends. Not every ex your boyfriend has is terrible, and please dont hate them without a good reason to.
EuphoricFrenzy EuphoricFrenzy
Jan 5, 2013