I Cant Figure Out When Im Lieing Anymore

For a while now ive lied to alot of the people i know about who i am ive done it since i think 3rd grade ...im a jr now and my lies are falling apart but i dont know who i actually am anymore and i cant figure out what ive lied about to people anymore ....has this ever happenednto someone before?
jlogan14 jlogan14
18-21, M
2 Responses May 13, 2012

I felt that way for a long time still do it to sometimes u ever thought about trying to change?

Me, i lie all the time without realising it, i suppose i lie to conform to others and to be liked and maybe not look so pathetic, i havent done anything with my life, i have no money, friends who dont even truely like me, so i lie for acceptance and i just do it without thinking or realising